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Bringing Effective Change Management to Your Organization: The University of Michigan’s Story

Bringing Effective Change Management to Your Organization: The University of Michigan’s Story

In this webinar, Teri Grieb of the University of Michigan will discuss how, leaders, faculty and staff came together to redesign the organizational and operational model for clinical trials at U-M by taking a systems-based approach, and how you can use some of the same principles to enact meaningful change at your institution.

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Building Processes and Procedures to Ensure Your Site is Audit-Ready

In this webinar, Stuart Cotter, Forte’s Director of Product Success and former Forte eReg Product Manager, and MaryAnn Kempker, Forte’s Computer System Validation Project Manager, provide insight into how your site can proactively plan for audits and monitoring visits.

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How to Customize End-User Training with a Role-Based Approach

In this webinar, Abby Ehringer, Director of Training at Forte, will explain role-based strategies for personalizing end-user software training. She will offer suggestions based on techniques Forte trainers use in their “Train the Trainer” course, and share her experience using role-based approaches.

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Steps to transform clinical research through a site-centric approach

Steps to Transform Clinical Research Through a Site-Centric Approach

Watch this free webinar to hear Forte’s CEO and Founder, Shree Kalluri, explore his vision for a connected clinical trial ecosystem and the potential benefits of a more streamlined approach to clinical data exchange.

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Competency-Based Approaches to Staff Hiring, Management and Advancement

Watch this free, on-demand webinar to hear Beth Harper, Workforce Innovation Officer for ACRP, explore the theory and practice of competency-based approaches for hiring, retaining and helping staff advance.

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Understand the Key Roles for Effective CCSG Management

Watch this webinar to hear Forte's Director of Analytics, Wendy Tate, outline how a number of different roles and teams contribute to CCSG management at some of the nation’s leading cancer centers.

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Maximize the Value You See from Research Systems

Maximize the Value You See from Research Systems with these 3 Success Factors

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Director of Analytics, Wendy Tate, discuss the top three practices identified by survey respondents as critical to the success of research systems at their organization.

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importance of data cleaning and quality August 2018 webinar

The Importance of Data Cleaning and Quality in Clinical Research

Watch this free, on-demand webinar to learn how your organization can take the necessary steps to clean up existing data and ensure more consistent organizational data practices.

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On-demand webinar Integrated Research Solutions Jon Tack

Reduce Administrative Burden with Integrated Research Solutions

Hear Forte’s Director of Product Management, Jon Tack, discuss how system integration can benefit site operations by boosting data quality, improving communication across teams, increasing patient safety and saving staff time.

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On Demand Webinar Clinical Trial Staff Workload June 2018

Assess Clinical Trial Staff Workload and Maximize Site Performance

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear Dr. Suzanne Rose, Director of the Office of Research at Stamford Health, discuss the tool she developed to assess staff workload, allocate study resources and reduce the potential for staff turnover.

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