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“EVAL is more than just tracking the necessary data for renewals and progress reports. It’s about having an immense amount of useful, up-to-date, easily-shareable information at our fingertips, and leveraging it in ways that can benefit our entire organization.”

Julie DeJager Glavic

Julie DeJager Glavic

Manager of Research Administrative Operations, Case Western Reserve University

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Gain insight into your grants, publications, investigators, services and more. See how EVAL redefines the way you approach your research ROI.

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Forte Insights for EVAL

Deliver valuable insight to your research leadership

EVAL comes packaged with Forte Insights dashboards that allow you to quickly access information related to the output of your programs, teams, departments and institution as a whole. Associate team members with high-impact publications, evaluate the output of grant recipients, demonstrate your institution’s collaboration and much more. Insights is ideal for demonstrating the value of your research to internal leadership and to show progress toward CCSG and CTSA goals.

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Is EVAL a grants management system?

EVAL is designed to measure the impact of your research. The flow of funds in and out of your institution, which is typically tracked within a grants management system, is just one data source that is tracked in EVAL. EVAL usually leverages data from a grants management system for grants received by center members, which are then linked to related EVAL data such as pilot grants, publications and shared resources.


What reporting features does EVAL provide?

Standard reports in EVAL include CCSG Data Tables 1 and 2, CTSA Common Metrics reports, and a constantly-evolving collection of operational reports and data visualizations. Additionally, customers can create their own custom reports, which can be shared with other organizations using EVAL.


Who hosts EVAL? Does my IT team need to be involved?

EVAL is hosted by Forte, allowing you to get up and running quickly with no internal IT resources needed. This also allows for seamless system upgrades with no disruptions to your workflows. 


How long does it take to implement EVAL?

With our Rapid Value Implementation (RVI), your organization can implement EVAL in as little as five weeks. RVI provides you with immediate value from EVAL, and minimizes interruptions to your everyday operations and dependence on legacy systems.