Top TED Talks on Health and Clinical Research

April Schultz
March 3rd, 2016

As a writer in the clinical research space, I’m always searching for inspiration and knowledge from forward thinkers in the life sciences industry. One of my favorite sources of online inspiration is Many of the videos on this site are great for fast and digestible lessons on a variety of health and clinical research topics. I particularly appreciate the TEDMED videos, as they appeal to individuals interested in the advancement of life sciences.

An event hosted as part of the TED community, the TEDMED conference brings together a diverse group of thought leaders to discuss the future of health and medical science. TEDMED describes its speakers as “accomplished individuals from every sector of society, both inside and outside of medicine.” These individuals present their expertise in hopes of inspiring “new thinking that can lead to a healthier world.”

These videos are admirable in their ability to spread awareness to a larger community in an engaging and effective manner. The TED community is an ever-expanding audience of knowledge-hungry individuals and TEDMED has perfected the means of teaching this audience about the value of clinical research. The site spotlights new and refreshing perspectives on research and medicine in an educational and compelling way.

Whether you’re looking to spread awareness, learn a new topic, or just need a little inspiration, here are a few of my favorite TED playlists and videos on health and clinical research.

Playlist: The Future of Medicine

This playlist consists of 12 talks focused on advancements in medical technology and research processes. The timeline of these presentations varies from 2010 to 2015, but the new technologies presented are fascinating, regardless of date. The speakers in this playlist present their innovations and discuss their hopes for improvement in how medical treatments are tested, distributed and funded.

Spotlight Talk: A bold new way to fund drug research – Roger Stein

Playlist: How We’re Fighting Cancer

The presenters in this playlist discuss the reality of current cancer research and envision the future of cancer treatment. What I find most exciting about this playlist is each presenter’s passion and vision. It reveals the extraordinary way the fight against cancer has inspired such a variety of individuals to work towards a common goal, including youth—this playlist includes two talks presented by speakers under 20 years old.

Spotlight Talk: Meet the future of cancer research – Eva Vertes

Playlist: All About the Heart

As you may have guessed, this playlist highlights efforts in cardiovascular research and medicine. The presentations in this playlist are quite diverse, ranging from discussions on the dangers and prevention of heart disease, to the potential of tissue engineering and more. The variety of topics and speakers make this playlist worthwhile and highly educational.

Spotlight Talk: Could tissue engineering mean personalized medicine? – Nina Tandon

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