Introducing the New Forte

Shree Kalluri
September 6th, 2017

When I founded this company 17 years ago, my goal was to bring together a group of people with good values and desire to make a difference, and provide them with a meaningful purpose. By doing this, I believed we would create great products and services to meet our customers’ needs.

Over the last 17 years, with this unwavering focus, we have been dedicated to working with leading cancer centers, academic medical centers and health systems to move research forward.

For the first 12 years of our history, we were the “OnCore People” – the folks that provided the industry leading software to help our customers manage clinical research operations. Building on that success, over the recent 7 years, in close collaboration with our customers, we developed a comprehensive suite of software products directly through Forte as well as through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Nimblify. In addition, we started offering services that help organizations holistically manage their entire clinical research.

Today, we help our customers experience breakthrough efficiencies with our innovative software and world-class services that help them accelerate time to value and lower total cost of ownership. To clearly communicate this new identity, we are eager to launch a refreshed look and feel to our Forte brand.

I’m excited to share our vision for the future, the new Forte. We are no longer a one product company. We are now a solutions company, dedicated to helping our customers unleash their full research potential by realizing their research goals and dreams. Forte solutions help organizations:

  • Significantly reduce their activations timelines
  • Accelerate their receivables management
  • Gain unprecedented efficiencies in their operations
  • Give leadership insights into their operations to enable informed decision making and easily identify their strengths and areas in need of improvement 
  • Highlight their research accomplishments to funding organizations
The Forte mark is three geometric shapes that come together to form one mark, symbolizing our collaboration as a company and with our customers.

With the new Forte comes an updated logo mark: three individual shapes coming together to form one meaning, symbolizing our main core value – collaboration. The left trapezoid represents our strength and experience, rooted in our long history in clinical research, while the two arrows moving onwards and upwards represent our innovation and dedication to new solutions.

With the new Forte and the unification of our brand, we are incorporating our wholly-owned subsidiary, Nimblify, directly into Forte. Over the next month, you’ll notice that all Nimblify products and services will be moved under the Forte brand.

I invite you to explore the new Forte website from our software and services to how we collaborate with our customers to our resources section and steadfast commitment to providing education for the community, and finally, explore our special company culture that enables us to achieve so much for our customers.

We want to help bring therapies and preventions to market faster to reduce the cost of drug development and provide more life-saving treatments to people across the globe. That’s why we work in research. The next several years are going to be exciting and, in the spirit of collaboration, if you have ideas or feedback, I’d love to hear them.

Onwards and upwards,


See the new Forte

Watch our video to learn more about Forte’s mission and the process to develop our new look.



2 thoughts on “Introducing the New Forte

  1. Congratulations on this wonderful new chapter for Forte. Very rewarding to reflect on your last two decades of success Shree and exciting to see where you are heading for the next two!

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