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Take Part: Regional Site Empowerment Meet-Ups are Changing Industry Relationships

Learn how you can participate in the site empowerment movement and help sites take control of their relationships with sponsors.

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What is Site Empowerment and How Can Sites Achieve It?

Learn what it means to be an empowered site and how you can strengthen your site-sponsor relationship.

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Regional Site Empowerment Meet-Ups: Initiating Conversation and Improving Site-Sponsor Relationships

Join us for this interactive webinar as Beth Harper moderates a panel discussion on the benefits of site empowerment and discusses how you can join current initiatives.

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How to Set the Tone for Stronger Site-Sponsor Relationships

Take control of your site-sponsor relationship using these five site empowerment techniques.

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How to Attract Sponsors and CROs: 9 Resources for Sites

Learn to promote your site to sponsors and CROs, build your study pipeline and develop your business strategy using these nine resources.

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Proven Strategies for Preserving CRC-CRA Relationships [Q&A]

Ginger Steinhilber shares her site’s approach to finding a solution to what can often be (or be perceived as) unreasonable requests from the monitor.

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Providing Detailed Time and Effort Assessments With Budget Requests [Q&A]

Beth King shares her site’s experience in providing sponsors a detailed time and effort assessment with budget request, including start-up activities.

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Proven Strategies – How to Prepare for Protocols at Your Site [Q&A]

George Okoth shares recommendations and answers questions on what clinical research sites can proactively do to better prepare for upcoming protocols.

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Mutual Agreements Between Sites and Sponsors/CROs [Q&A]

Lisa Marsh answers questions about the proven techniques her site has implemented for mutual agreements between sites and sponsors/CROs.

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[Workshop Recap] Site Empowerment: Setting Your Site up for Success

The Forte Forum’s successful Site Empowerment workshop involved many discussions on reverse feasibility questionnaires, standard site profiles & more.

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