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Paying Research Volunteers: How to be Participant-Centric

Does your payment process follow these guidelines?

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3 Ways Integration Between a CTMS & Participant Payment System Streamlines Site Workflows

Integrating your research site’s CTMS with a participant payment system can create efficiencies in payment processing and eliminate time spent entering data in multiple systems.

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Research on Payments to Research Participants

Should clinical trial participants be compensated for their participant on a study? Take a look at published research on the compensation of research participants.

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FDA Specifies Patient Reimbursements vs Compensation to Encourage Recruitment and Equity in Clinical Trials

The FDA recently clarified its stance on participant reimbursements in clinical trials. What does that mean for the industry and your organization?

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Save Time, Minimize Staff Burden and Increase Patient Retention with an Automated Participant Payment System

Learn how switching to an automated payments workflow can streamline participant compensation. An efficient participant payment system will allow you to pay patients immediately and speed up the financial approvals process.

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Stipends vs. Reimbursements: Which is Best for Paying Research Subjects?

Learn how paying participant stipends separately from reimbursements can have a positive impact on enrollment and retention during a clinical trial.

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The Professional Research Subject: Fact or Fiction?

Can participating in clinical trials be a full time job? A look at the impact money has on enrollment decisions.

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Payments to Research Subjects: What is Taxable Income?

When are subjects required to report payments received from clinical trial participation to the IRS, and what is the research site’s role in 1099 reporting?

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Beginner’s Guide to a Participant Payment System

Walk through the basics of a participant payment system in clinical trials and gain a high-level overview of benefits and common functionality.

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What is the Right Amount to Pay Clinical Trial Participants?

Determining how much to compensate clinical trial subjects depends on a number of variables. Learn the factors to consider before deciding to pay your trial participants.

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