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Top 6 Challenges in Informed Consent

Informed consent is important to any clinical trial – but that doesn’t mean it comes without challenges. Read more about the top 6 challenges research institutions face.

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Root Cause Analysis: Reducing Informed Consent Declines

As part of the clinical research root cause analysis series, this article explores the root cause of patients who decline the informed consent.

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What Should be Included in the Informed Consent Form?

Ashley Smith shares what information should be included in the Informed Consent Form (ICF) to ensure clinical trial participants are fully informed.

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Informed Consent: How do You Assess a Patient’s Understanding?

Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners answers this question and more from a popular webinar presentation on informed consent.

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Clinical Trials are a Learning and Teaching Opportunity

As researchers, our mission is to learn, as well as teach our patients. Consider these tips when teaching patients during informed consent.

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Best Practices in Pre-Screening Includes Use of Technology

Pre-screening subjects is common practice at most sites. In this article, learn some best practices and how technology can play an important role.

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