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Why do Recruitment Efforts Fail to Enroll Enough Participants?

Despite heavy spending on patient recruitment, meeting enrollment goals is a huge challenge in clinical research, affecting sponsors, CROs and sites.

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5 Steps to Follow When Shopping for a Validated EDC System

Shopping for a validated EDC system can seem like a daunting task. Learn five steps that make the process less confusing.

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Why It’s Time to Make the Switch from Paper to EDC

Still using paper to collect and store your clinical data? Modernize your data management and make the switch to electronic data capture.

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What Does the Future of Pharma-Patient Collaboration Look Like?

At Partnerships in Clinical Trials, a keynote panel featured study participants discussing ways sponsors can connect with and reach patients.

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Not All Patients are Alike – Patient-Centric Trial Design by Disease

Two patient-centric initiatives were announced at PCT last week that strive to understand different populations and design better trials for them.

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Tips for Writing Effective Edit Checks in eCRFs

Shannon Roznoski of Forte shares tips for writing effective edit checks in electronic case report forms (eCRFs).

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Developing Case Report Form Creation SOPs in Data Management

Tina Lambert shares the Data Management side of creating separate SOPs for CRF creation in EDC and non-EDC systems, and their supporting documents.

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Do SOPs for Data Collection Equal Compliance with 21 CFR Part 11?

Anders Lindquist clears up common confusion surrounding standard operating procedures and 21 CFR Part 11.

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5 Key Components of a Great EDC User Experience

When it comes to electronic data capture in clinical trials, there are several important elements that work together to make an excellent user experience.

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8 Must-Have Competencies for the Clinical Research Professional

Many professions have well-researched, clearly defined competencies that are essential for everyone involved — clinical research is no exception.

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