Spring Onsemble Conference Exemplifies Forte’s Core Values

Ashley Toy
March 28th, 2019

This year’s Spring Onsemble Conference is in full swing. Forte team members have joined a record number of customer community members for four days of learning, sharing and innovating. From workshops to presentations, and even discussions at meals, the conversation is the embodiment of Forte’s four core values: collaboration, pursuing excellence, fulfilling commitments and celebration.

Collaborative Culture

The theme of this spring’s Onsemble conference, “A Site-Centric Approach to Transform Clinical Research” focuses on the collaboration between sites and sponsors to enhance the efficiency of clinical trials.

During the panel discussion “How Sites, CROs and Sponsors can Best Partner for Success”, panelists from leading research organizations discussed the value of collaboration between stakeholders, and how technology can help invert the focus to put sites at the center of the research landscape.

The panel echoed the importance of research organizations working together to move research forward and improve patient care. Nick Fisher, Executive Director of Research and Business Administration at Siteman Cancer Center shared his experience with the Onsemble community, from seeing the vision in action at conferences to the willingness to help and share with one another through listservs and more. Teri Grieb, Senior Director for Research at the University of Michigan Medical school, shared similar sentiments, saying, “We will achieve greater things because of our collective wisdom and our passion and commitment to make it happen. All things are possible, particularly with the people in this room.”

The Pursuit of Excellence

A key theme at every Onsemble conference is sharing best practices in research operations in order to help institutions be the best they can be. Forte solutions help sites unleash their research potential, but the Onsemble community takes it one step further by sharing real life experiences and lessons learned during implementation, adoption and daily use of technology in clinical research.

Leadership sessions focused on improving business practices, grant reporting and data-informed decision making to help organizations be the best they can be in all aspects of research. A number of regulatory sessions helped demonstrate the process of validating systems and reaching full compliance. Operational session topics included implementing task lists for improved efficiency, creative solutions for calendar building and other study activation best practices. All in all, the sessions were an excellent way for attendees to see what their peers are doing and see how they can apply the same principles at their organizations. 

Commitments Fulfilled

Yesterday afternoon, Chief Product Officer James Wurdeman and Senior VP of Operations Orla Mester shared the Forte Progress and Plans Update, detailing the latest features and improvements added to Forte solutions and services, along with upcoming additions planned for future releases.

Among the announcements were the delivery of the new Sponsor Receivable Trends dashboard for Insights, Landing Page Export for EVAL, and the upcoming Multisite IIT Support for eReg, Vendor Payables for OnCore, and Lab Results Integration for Forte EDC. 

Celebrating Good Times

Tonight, conference attendees will get to enjoy the Final Night Dinner. As the sun sets along the Pacific coastline, we’ll enjoy food, drinks and live music in the Forte Lounge. The event is a celebration, not only of what we’ve been able to accomplish together during this Onsemble conference, but everything that’s been achieved throughout the year, and all we’ll continue to work toward in the future.