Spring 2020 Onsemble Conference: 6 Can’t-Miss Sessions

Meghan Hosely
January 16th, 2020

Twice a year, members of the Onsemble Community gather to connect with one another, share best practices and generate new ideas at the Onsemble Conference. This spring, we will travel to Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and enjoy our time at the Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort & Spa.

While our agenda has a number of different focus areas with something for everyone, the sessions highlighted below are a few of the great educational presentations attendees can expect during the conference.

Regulatory – Privacy Considerations in Research: The Changing Landscape

Michele Russell-Einhorn, Advarra

Private information includes data about behavior that occurs in a context in which an individual can reasonably expect that no observation or recording is taking place, and information that has been provided for specific purposes by an individual, and that the individual can reasonably expect will not be made public. In this session, Michele Russell-Einhorn of Advarra will examine concepts of privacy and confidentiality, identify situations that impact the ability of an investigator or an IRB to protect privacy and confidentiality, and propose solutions to address some of these challenges.

Training – OnCore Implementation Within a Developing Cancer Center

Kate Weber and Rich Lush, George Washington Cancer Center

The George Washington University Cancer Center implemented OnCore using a small team, while collecting input from internal leadership and subject matter experts (SMEs). The implementation within the cancer center was the first step to a planned implementation within the university system; Kate Weber and Rich Lush will discuss the strategies that allowed their team to quickly go live, while also discussing the challenges they faced.

Data/Analytics – Integration of OnCore into the Data Delivery Process

Matthew Wyatt, University of Alabama at Birmingham

In this session, Matthew Wyatt will describe the integration of OnCore data into the institutional tools and processes within the Enterprise Data Warehouse to improve the efficiency and capability of supporting institutional research needs, including enrollment data for validating the appropriate population based on current enrollment status. Additionally, he will share how research personnel identify patient populations of interest based on data from clinical operations and specific research data from OnCore.

Financials – Optimizing Financial Builds for All Funding Sources

Christine Ricklefs, University of Colorado AMC

During this presentation, Christine Ricklefs will share her expertise on a centralized OnCore financial build workflow for all funding sources, including industry, IIT, federal, cooperative group and multiple sponsors. She will also discuss how CU Anschutz incorporates specific department needs for financial tracking into their standardized financial build process while maintaining consistency across their multi-institutional organization.

Technical – Configuring Multi-Site Studies in OnCore

Brett Weaver, University of Minnesota

Brett Weaver will provide an overview of multi-site capabilities and tracking within OnCore including setup, maintenance and follow-up. He will also discuss reports and exports used for the studies, training processes for coordinating and affiliate sites, and financial components of UMN’s multi-site studies.

Leadership – Modernizing Clinical Research Staff Roles & Career Tracks

Denise Snyder, Duke University and Bishoy Anastasi, UCLA

Implementing advanced clinical research technology can be challenging. It also presents opportunities to modernize traditional research infrastructure, staff roles and career tracks for long-term development, retention and success. In this session, Denise Snyder of Duke University and Bishoy Anastasi of UCLA will discuss their strategies and experiences in successfully adapting and developing their workforce in light of their OnCore implementations.