Is Your Site Ready for Growth? 4 Questions to Ask.

April Schultz
April 19th, 2016

Running a successful clinical research operation is an exciting and rewarding endeavor. Once your site completes its first or second study, it seems the natural next step is to expand your operations. However, it’s important to determine whether your site really has the bandwidth for more study opportunities before moving forward. Sometimes it’s better to focus on honing your skills and solidifying your status as a reputable site.

If you’re looking to grow your research operation and increase your site’s study pipeline, be sure to ask yourself these four important questions.

1. Do you have a comprehensive understanding of your site’s capabilities and limitations?

It’s essential to have an excellent understanding of your site’s study capacity. Before expanding your operations and looking for more opportunities, be sure you have the resources to support an increased workload. Determine your site’s strengths and limitations and seek out studies at which your site is most likely to excel. Understanding your limitations and capabilities also helps reduce the risk of staff burnout and trial closure due to a lack of resources.

2. Do you have time to focus your efforts on business development?

When running a clinical research site it’s important to find time to monitor and improve the health of your business operations. If you’re looking to increase study opportunities for your site, it’s even more essential to have a solid business strategy and devote time to business development. Business development includes promoting your site, recruiting study participants, locating studies and more.

Many sites struggle with business development, so it’s imperative to have a plan to address this task, be it internal resources or external consultants, before taking on more responsibilities for your site.

3. What are your current professional relationships and do you have the ability to network?

Building a solid network of industry professionals is key to gaining better exposure for your site and generating more study opportunities. However, forming and maintaining these relationships can take a good amount of effort, especially when you’re expanding your operations. It’s important to allow time and budget to involve yourself in industry events such as conferences, regional meet-ups and other such activities. Attending these events will give you the opportunity to build beneficial relationships with fellow attendees as well as sponsors and CROs.

4. How can you demonstrate your success and stand out in front of sponsors and CROs?

To gain more study opportunities, you need to show sponsors and CROs your site’s ability to perform. Does your site maintain reputable records of areas in which it excels? Do you have metrics to support your study feasibility assessment? Before reaching out to sponsors and growing your operations, determine how you can capture your accomplishments and stand out as a capable site.

To learn more about demonstrating site success, building industry relationships, developing business strategies and growing your research operation, download our free eBook, “Site Success: 10 Ways to Grow Your Study Pipeline.

Download the eBook: Site Success: 10 Ways to Grow Your Study Pipeline