Researcher’s Guide to the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG): 5 Free Resources

April Schultz
August 11th, 2017

With the help of cutting-edge research from today’s leading cancer centers, the United States is continuously finding new preventions, treatments and diagnostic tools to care for cancer patients. We’re fighting The War on Cancer one step at a time.

To foster this innovative research and increase the impact on patients across the country, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) created the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG). Earning an NCI designation is an incredible achievement for an institution and nearly 70 cancer centers currently use the grant funding for vital cancer research. This grant is unquestionably beneficial to the research industry, and it’s valuable for researchers to understand how this funding could influence research operations at their organization.

Whether you’re just learning about the complexities of the grant or you have some experience with the CCSG guidelines, here are five free resources to act as your guide to understanding the impacts of this important funding opportunity for cancer centers.

1. Blog Article: The Six Characteristics of an NCI-Designated Cancer Center

A major component of the CCSG is an institution’s ability to demonstrate six major characteristics of a NCI-designated cancer center. This article outlines these characteristics and explains why each is an important part of grant application.

2. On-Demand Webinar: Examining the NCI Cancer Center Support Grant

Forte’s Director of Operations, Regina Schwind, presents on the basic elements of the CCSG and how cancer centers can best demonstrate their research impact. You can also read the follow-up Q&A article for additional insights on the grant application/renewal process.

3. Blog Article: Keeping Up With Changes to the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG)

This article provides a high-level overview of the changes referenced in our upcoming webinar, with a specific focus on how institutions must now demonstrate their impact through education and community outreach.

4. Blog Article: Forte’s Collaborative Approach to Helping Customers Meet New CCSG Guidelines

Navigating changes to the CCSG guidelines is a significant process for both institutions applying for NCI-designation, and companies, like Forte, that create solutions to assist researchers in the process. This article explains the collaborative approach Forte uses to ensure the tools we provide organizations to help them with the grant application and renewal processes align with their needs and the NCI requirements.

5. Upcoming Webinar: How to Navigate the Impacts of Recent Updates to the CCSG Guidelines

While the CCSG is certainly important to the research industry, the requirements to receive the grant are often confusing, particularly following recent changes made to the grant guidelines. In this upcoming webinar, Forte’s Regina Schwind will discuss the January 2017 updates to the CCSG guidelines and outline tools to help you navigate potential changes in your operations. Register today to secure your spot.

Free Webinar: How to Navigate the Impacts of Recent Updates to the CCSG Guidelines