Research Resonance Network Moves from Forte to Nimblify

April Schultz
Content Marketing Manager, Forte
February 25th, 2016

Shree Kalluri, CEO of Forte Research Systems and Nimblify, Inc. announced that Research Resonance Network (RRN) is moving from Forte to its subsidiary, Nimblify. This offering is moving under Nimblify in order to open RRN to more CTMS vendors in the industry and their customers.

As many know, RRN originates out of Onsemble, Forte’s highly collaborative customer community. Forte’s role with RRN has been to act as a trusted third party, aggregating the metrics and developing benchmarks to enable peer comparison, while preserving the anonymity of the trials and institutions. Through the years, Forte developed the required technology to automate data exchanges as well as visualize performance through standard dashboards. The result is the Research Resonance Network, which today holds data from 40,000 clinical trials. You can find some of the key achievements at

Participating research organizations are using these peer comparisons to identify strengths and opportunities to improve their operational performance. They use these insights to eliminate wastage and open more appropriate trials for their patient population and have also started using a scorecard to share with sponsors during the site selection process. Now sponsors have objective evidence of the site’s past performance!

Any research organization utilizing Forte’s OnCore and Allegro CTMS systems can choose to automatically push their operations data to participate in industry benchmarks and benefit from peer comparison. But what about others?

Now, it’s time to do what Forte has done for its customers through the OnCore and Allegro products and provide the same opportunity for other CTMS vendors and their customers.

With that, Research Resonance will move under Nimblify and continue to be offered free of charge for sites. Under Nimblify, Forte’s customers will experience little to no change in their experience with RRN.

Forte encourages all of its customers using the Research Resonance Network to continue.

Read the full article by Kalluri here.

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