Reduce Communication Breakdowns in Your Clinical Research Billing

April Schultz
February 14th, 2018

In clinical research, communication is critical to ensure clinical trials run smoothly. However, effectively communicating important information across all teams and individuals involved in the clinical trial process can be difficult for large research institutions. Particularly during complex trial processes, such as clinical research billing, breakdowns in communication can lead to serious consequences.

Improved communication through system integration

In recent years, advancements in clinical research technology have focused on finding ways to streamline the flow of information at research institutions to ensure workflows and best practices are being followed across the entire research enterprise. Clinical trial management systems (CTMS), such as Forte’s OnCore Enterprise Research system, centralize clinical trial information to help ensure accuracy and simplify communication. Some CTMS also allow integration with an organization’s electronic medical record (EMR) system, further minimizing the risk for error and decreasing duplicate data entry.

During the 2018 EXL Clinical Trial Billing & Research Compliance Conference in Orlando, FL, the panel discussion titled “Discussion on the Use of a CTMS and an EMR/EHR – Your Questions Answered” will address some of the benefits and complexities of using CTMS and EMR solutions for clinical trial processes, including coverage analysis, billing compliance and more. Panelist Bishoy Anastasi of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), will discuss how UCLA integrated their CTMS and EMR systems and saw improvements in trial processes across the entire protocol timeline. For those attending the 2018 EXL Clinical Trial Billing & Research Compliance Conference, the panel will be held on Monday, February 26 at Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort. Learn more about the session on the conference website.

Steps to implement efficient billing practices

It’s no surprise that many organizations struggle to maintain effective communication during the billing compliance process. With so many teams and individuals involved in the billing process, it’s difficult to ensure everyone has access to accurate billing information. To combat this communication challenge, many organizations build comprehensive coverage analyses to act as the ‘source of truth’ for all clinical research billing designations and ensure all charges are correctly routed.

During Forte’s free, upcoming webinar “Steps to Operationalize Your Coverage Analysis and Achieve Compliant Billing Outcomes,” Shanley Curran of Research, Operations & Compliance Solutions, Inc. will discuss how to establish your coverage analysis as the foundational source of information throughout the research billing and finance process. She’ll also provide key steps for operationalizing your coverage analysis across critical points of communication to achieve the billing, correct claims, and full reimbursement goals it drives. Register for the webinar today!

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