[Q&A] Run Your Research Program as a Business

By Tami Haas | Market Manager, Channel, Forte Research Systems
April 22nd, 2016

Summary: Dr. Rhonda Paz, answers questions following her recent webinar on the key business strategies to implement at your site and optimize your research program.

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During her recent webinar, “Run Your Research Program as a Business: Six Techniques to Grow Your Site,” Dr. Rhonda Paz, Chief Operating Officer at GuideStar Clinical Trials Management uncovered key strategies that clinical research sites can implement to make a big impact on their future growth. In this 23 minute, pre-recorded Q&A session, she addresses questions received during the webinar and discusses:

  • How to create budgets that yield results
  • Best practices for tracking time spent on clinical trials
  • Tips for negotiating contracts in your favor
  • And more


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Want to learn more about the key business strategies you can implement to grow and enhance your site operations? Watch the free, on-demand webinar, “Run Your Research Program as a Business: Six Techniques to Grow Your Site.”

About the Author

Tami is the Marketing Manager, Channel at Forte Research Systems, responsible for developing and managing multi-channel communications strategies and marketing activities. Tami is an active contributor to Forte’s content team. Previously, she worked as the Product Marketing Manager at Forte.

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