People, Process and Technology: 2017 Fall Onsemble Brings All of the Pieces Together

April Schultz
September 22nd, 2017

For the past five days, the Onsemble community gathered in Madison, WI for a memorable and exciting 2017 Fall Onsemble conference. We took the city by storm, enjoying beautiful locations like the Monona Terrace and the Orpheum Theater for conference sessions, networking and good times.

On this final day of Onsemble, the atmosphere is bittersweet as we say goodbye to new and old friends, and see the close of a great week. However, it’s rewarding to think back on the activities and excitement of the past five days to realize how much we’ve all learned from each other.

2017 Fall Onsemble banners
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A notable theme throughout this year’s conference was the idea that connecting people, process and technology is critical to optimizing clinical research operations and realizing organizational goals. During many sessions, presenters discussed ways to improve each of these three key elements for more efficient practices.

Forte’s Operational Goals workshop was a valuable, interactive means for attendees to uncover how well their organizations are connecting their people, processes and technologies to address their challenges and meet their goals. Much like this workshop, many conference sessions were discussion-based and gave attendees the chance to share their challenges with peers to collaboratively find solutions.

2017 fall Onsemble Wednesday
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Once again, the Regional Site Empowerment Meet-Ups were successful in bringing together like-organizations for free-form discussion about industry topics. This session gave attendees the opportunity to freely ask their peers for advice, discuss roadblocks and propose solutions for common challenges in an open and collaborative environment.

To learn more about the Regional Site Empowerment Meet-Ups, watch our on-demand panelist discussion, “Regional Site Empowerment Meet-Ups: Initiating Conversation and Improving Site-Sponsor Relationships”

2017 Fall Onsemble session
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The importance of connecting people, process and technology was also highlighted during the conference keynote, where Founder, President, CEO & Chief Customer Officer, Shree Kalluri, officially announced Forte’s new service offerings. While Forte is a solutions company most known for its enterprise clinical trial management system, OnCore, we realize technology is only one piece of the puzzle necessary for organizations to reach operational efficiency. Gaining support from the right individuals and building successful processes are equally important steps to ensure you organization is gaining the most from your research technology. Learn how Forte’s services help organizations unleash their research potential.

2017 Fall Onsemble Leadership Team
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As always, conference attendees are walking away from the 2017 Fall Onsemble conference equipped with actionable insights to encourage greater efficiencies at their organizations. Even though this week is just coming to a close, we look forward to seeing everyone again for more learning and fun at the 2018 Spring Onsemble Conference. Hope to see you there!

To learn more about Forte’s 2018 Spring Onsemble Conference in Pointe Vedre Beach, FL, visit the Onsemble conference website at