Onsemble Conference Provides Building Blocks for Clinical Research Operations

March 11th, 2013

Brian Brake, Research Compliance Coordinator at Indiana University, was a first-time attendee at the Onsemble 2013 Spring Conference. He shares his experience.

This year marked my first attendance to the Onsemble conference. I arrived feeling a little out of my element, having only been in my position for less than a year. While I didn’t feel like I would have much to contribute to discussions, I was hopeful that if I listened and observed others, I would come home with, at the very least, some context to help better define my role within my center and ideas about how I could help improve our processes.

I was very impressed by how outgoing and welcoming everyone from Forte was, especially with the “silver stars” like me. I was ushered from handshake to handshake and met more people than I could possibly keep straight, at least after one conference. There were abundant opportunities to network, confer and outright commiserate with colleagues about their experiences working in our industry.

The conference gave me an opportunity to see how OnCore is used from a macro perspective. I’m typically sheltered in my own little world of regulations, so seeing how my piece fits (and could potentially fit better) with other pieces helped put things into a clearer context.

The conference was an incredible opportunity to listen and learn how colleagues with similar experiences used OnCore to manage their workflows. To see that the developments that are coming with the next version of the system are so in line with the types of changes we need at our center, made me realize how fortunate we are to have such a great company to work with in Forte. The experience was energizing, especially being surrounded by like-minded people who are passionate about this field and willing to share and collaborate to push the state of the industry forward. I left the conference eager and full of more ideas than we could possibly implement. They say that every mountain starts with a single pebble. I certainly came back home with pockets full of pebbles that we could use to help build up our mountain.