Moving Research Forward at the 2018 Fall Onsemble Conference

James Wurdeman
Chief Product Officer, Forte
September 27th, 2018

Last week we were proud to welcome almost 200 Forte customers to our hometown of Madison, WI. I’ve been to many Onsemble Conferences, but there are some things that never get old: the inspiring collaborative spirit of our customers, the remarkable knowledge that they bring to Onsemble and the passion for clinical research shared throughout our community.

Creating Value through Adopting New Technologies

This year marked my first Onsemble Conference as Chief Product Officer at Forte. In my new role, I’m focused not just on driving new innovations at Forte, but also helping to ensure those innovations are adopted successfully throughout the industry. Over the past decade, our product team has worked diligently with our customers to create research solutions that integrate across your institution, both within the Forte ecosystem and with your EMR, eIRB and general ledger systems. Our mission is to help you unleash your research potential and, as more Forte customers adopt these integrated technologies, we will truly realize breakthrough efficiencies across the clinical research industry.

Innovating Through Collaboration

In addition to the great educational sessions, networking and updates on new initiatives like Trial Data Exchange, Onsemble attendees are always the first to see what’s new from Forte. Last week, we unveiled more than a dozen new product enhancements:

Forte Research Evaluation System (EVAL)

  • Redefined the program membership management process with Member Scenarios, a new EVAL module that allows you to automatically see how moving investigators between program areas will affect the composition of your center
  • Enhanced publication review workflows, allowing your investigators to easily accept or reject publications pulled from PubMed

eRegulatory Management System (Forte eReg)

  • Created a master delegation of authority log, allowing you to create role-based tasks and delegate them at the system level
  • Unveiled the ability to track protocol staff training within the eReg system, saving time for both your research and regulatory staff

OnCore Enterprise Research System

  • Integrated OnCore with our Forte EDC, eReg and Payments systems
  • Streamlined financials across the system, including a new standard receivables interface linking your OnCore and general ledger systems

Forte Insights

  • Introduced new dashboards focused on accruals and sponsor invoicing
  • Provided updates on new Insights features, including user-experience enhancements based on customer feedback, as well as the ability to filter specific protocols within dashboards

Forte Services

During the product and services keynote at the Onsemble Conference, our Senior VP of Services, Orla Mester, joined me to highlight the key calendar building, budget setup and staff augmentation services enhancements we’ve made over the past few months. These updates included the new institution-specific guidelines now included in calendars, and the celebration of our 11,000th calendar created. She highlighted how Forte services have dramatically improved customers’ study activation timelines and introduced attendees to our services team based in Bangalore, India.

Learn More

If you’re a Forte customer looking to augment your current products and services, or just looking to see if Forte would be a good fit for your center, please join us for an open demo.

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