Leveraging Community to Move the Clinical Research Industry Forward

Ryan Monte
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Forte
August 8th, 2019

If you’re a regular reader of the Forte blog, you know we love to talk about our incredible Onsemble customer community. Whether our customers are collaborating to solve the industry’s biggest challenges at our bi-annual Onsemble Conference, working through day-to-day issues within our email groups or providing insight to shape new technology from Forte, the value of the Onsemble Community is immediately apparent to anyone who experiences it.

In attending numerous industry conferences this year, I had the chance to experience and participate in different “communities” within the research industry. Whether centered around niche topics such as clinical research billing or around key industry segments such as academic cancer centers, these events provided invaluable content for those closely connected with the topics at hand. One concern that became apparent, however, was the fact that many of these discussions faded away once the conference was over.

Solving complex issues such as addressing low accruing trials, boosting study activation timelines, ensuring compliant billing or recruiting a diverse population takes a concerted effort from industry stakeholders. To do this, we need a solid community capable of sustaining these discussions throughout the entire year. Some organizations such as AACI-CRI implemented working groups to tackle specific issues such as technology standardization and regulatory management. This is a great start, and these groups have already made measurable progress on these issues.

The value of the Onsemble Community

One area where a multi-faceted community such as Onsemble provides immense value is the diversity and size of the group itself. Whether you’re an academic medical center, cancer center, health system or any combination of these, you’ll likely find someone within the community who shares your experiences. And because Onsemble provides an always-on connection to your peers, these conversations can be sustained–and often expanded–over time. The community is often discussing dozens of topics (including those above) at any given moment, with participation from the across the research operations spectrum.

As an example, here are a few stats from our Onsemble email groups in July 2019:

  • 20 active groups
  • 71 different discussion topics across all groups
  • 247 total posts from more than 100 community members
  • 100% response rate to questions posed to the community

In addition to these discussions, July also saw collaborations on topics such as coverage analysis, financial management, eRegulatory system implementation, training and adoption, publication reporting and more.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re not a Forte customer, finding industry groups that facilitate ongoing work groups (such as AACI-CRI, ACRP and MAGI) provides a great entry point into the clinical research community. If you’re already a Forte customer, becoming active in the Onsemble Community (or increasing your participation) is a great way to address key challenges at your institution. Joining us for the bi-annual Onsemble Conference or browsing Onsemble.net for additional email groups are great ways to become more visible in the community. You can also visit Onsemble.net to download training materials, reports, scripts, communications and more from the Exchange, join product or topic-based collaborations, access industry career opportunities and more.

To learn more and register for the conference, visit our Onsemble Conference site

In addition, as your institution adopts new technology, look for vendors with a strong user community. Especially for those with multiple solutions across the operational or clinical research spectrum, vendor-supported communities brings together a wide range of specialties and expertise. As you join these groups, take an active role, leveraging the community to address your institution’s challenges while also lending your expertise to those who need it. The more we work together to escape silos, knock down barriers and work to take on industry issues head-on, the more we can continue to move the clinical research industry forward.

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