Key Enhancements in Allegro CTMS Focus on Calendars and Scheduling

Dawn Burke
March 17th, 2014

Research sites conducting clinical trials have many challenges they face on a daily basis.  Using a clinical trial management system allows them to help address some of these challenges by staying organized and streamlining workflows.  The recent release of Allegro CTMS was full of new enhancements to help improve the user experience.  Of particular importance is the addition of calendar cycles functionality, advanced subject visit scheduling, and the use of visit templates.

Calendar Cycles

Sites are able to better manage complex calendars for their protocols.  In addition to the ability to set multiple treatment arms, a valuable feature already in the system, sites can now create cycle based calendars. This type of calendar, often seen in oncology trials, can be challenging in both the visit management and payment aspects.  Allegro CTMS provides a streamlined solution which includes the ability to have defined or open-ended cycles, combine cycles with single visits, and associate visit procedures with cycle schedules.  This one-time setup of a cycle based calendar projects complex visit schedules and dates for registered patients and staff members.  Additionally, the financial management capabilities of Allegro addresses the financial challenges that can be common with calendars of this complexity.

Subject Visit Scheduling

Busy research staff usually have full calendars to manage, often consisting of subject visits, meetings, administrative tasks, and occasionally personal appointments.  Having the ability to hone in on exactly when staff is needed for a visit allows them extra time to devote to other activities.  Within Allegro, staff members can easily see what staff are assigned to a visit, as well as what days and times those staff members are available within the tolerance window.  Within each visit, staff can be scheduled in 15 minute increments.  This is particularly valuable if the subject appointment is scheduled for an hour, but a particular staff member only needs to be there for a short duration within the visit.

Visit Templates

Another new feature in Allegro is the use of visit templates for unplanned, but recurring visits.  Sites often have the challenge of managing visits that occur randomly and unscheduled, but need to be accounted for financially and procedurally.  There are many examples in which this occurs, but could include things like following clotting times or blood sugars. These visits can be managed via the visit template functionality ensuring the correct procedures occur as indicated and financial compensation remains accurate. Study coordinators can use the visits on an as-needed basis allowing transparency for the financial managers to account for them and invoice easily.

These enhancements and more are now available to all Allegro customers, and were designed based on feedback from the Allegro Community.  As with all releases, there are also a variety of new reports that enable sites to get a better view of the activities at their site.