Is the Clinical Research Industry Keeping Up with Technology Competency and Adoption?

Dr. Wendy Tate
Director, Analytics, Forte
April 2nd, 2019

ACRP and Forte have recognized that there is a critical need to improve technology adoption in clinical trial operations and to define and refine the technology-related skill sets and competencies. Such competencies will more effectively adapt and develop job descriptions, hiring practices, and training programs that enable a more tech-savvy and more sustainable workforce. 

Therefore, the two organizations collaborated to launch the first-of-its-kind Technology Competency and Adoption survey in early 2019. The results will be presented at ACRP 2019 by Wendy Tate, Director of Analytics at Forte and Beth Harper, Workforce Innovation Officer at ACRP.

Preliminary survey results were recently shared at Forte’s Spring Onsemble Conference. At the conference, Forte’s SVP of Operations Orla Mester shared that 33% of survey respondents said that they don’t get adequate initial training on clinical research technologies, and just 24% said they had to pass a proficiency exam to demonstrate their knowledge of clinical research technology.

How can organizations address these shortfalls to ensure their workforce is competent in clinical research technologies? What impacts do technology competency and adoption have on research organizations? To see more results and further analysis, watch our on demand webinar.

We will be sharing highlights from the survey results with a focus on discussing:

• Barriers to competency achievement and technology adoption
• How individuals can enhance their individual competency
• Best practices for how organizations can foster improved adoption of clinical research technologies

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