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Ashley Toy
May 9th, 2019

Task lists are a way for organizations using OnCore to map out their clinical trial processes into concrete steps in order to oversee progress and identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

One common application for task lists is tracking the study activation process. Trial activation can be a complex web of activity, but these challenges can be worth investing time and resources to overcome. Task lists allow organizations to get a better picture of the activation process and see where efforts can be made to make gains in improving activation timelines.

Task lists are a big picture initiative. They increase efficiency and visibility while mitigating risk and delay in trial processes. Task lists, especially those implemented enterprise-wide, are enabling sites to better manage processes, stay on top of specific activities and have basic reporting on what happens at each stage. However, there are some limitations when it comes to reporting and analyzing the task lists as a whole.

Forte Insights Task List Dashboards

Today, Insights offers a number of dashboards related to study activation metrics by tracking protocol status dates and standard OnCore milestones. However, this only covers a portion of the work that goes into activating a study.

The new dashboards are being created to make sense of OnCore task list data. They will provide a more granular look at study activation, including exact task list names, content and milestones. Task list dashboards will reflect your data and you can choose what task lists to include in the dashboards. They will be flexible and responsive to your data and are designed to be used by a variety of team members involved in different parts of the activation process.

Leveraging these new analytics and dashboards will enable teams to answer questions such as:

  • What does our full activation cycle look like?
  • How is my study progressing? What needs to happen to get it open to accrual?
  • What processes do we consistently deliver ahead or behind target? Where can I look to have the biggest impact?

Different groups can use these dashboards, including:

  • Executive leadership
  • Team leads
  • Study coordinators
  • Regulatory, Finance, etc.
  • Investigators

Get Started

Forte has developed Task List Guidelines for organizations currently using task lists that want to be able to leverage the new dashboards, and for organizations looking to roll out task lists according to recommended best practices. Not using Insights yet? Request a demo for your team.

Forte is also able to help your organization build task lists in order to optimize your use of the task list dashboards. To learn more about the new dashboards or bringing task lists to your organization, contact us.


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