The State of Technology in Clinical Research

April Schultz
August 10th, 2018

The clinical research industry has always had a complicated relationship with technology. Over the years, we’ve taken great strides to improve study practices thanks to advancements in research systems built to streamline study processes for clinical trial management, data management, research administration and more. These systems have the potential to improve research operations and enable greater efficiencies across the industry as a whole. On the other hand, industry stakeholders still struggle to embrace new technologies fast enough to both meet the needs of modern study participants and adapt to the growing complexity of clinical trials.

In an effort to better understand the role of technology in today’s research industry and what influences the success of systems at research organizations, we conducted a survey of clinical research professionals in the spring of 2018. During the survey, we explored the industry’s relationship with technology to discover what efficiencies have already been created and where there is potential for greater improvement. Take a look at the infographic below to learn what survey participants had to say about the impact of technology on their individual and organizational practices.

state of technology in clinical research infographic

Based on survey results, it’s clear that technology is a key part of how we conduct clinical research today and is largely considered to have a positive influence. However, trends indicate the amount of training, experience using the system and additional factors may impact an individual’s perception of the system. 

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