International Clinical Trials Day – From Past to Present

Dawn Burke
May 19th, 2015

Over the last several weeks, Forte has been collecting responses to a survey in which we asked people their thoughts on the clinical research industry today. In total, 630 individuals completed the survey. Today, on International Clinical Trials Day, we share those responses with you:

International Clinical Trials Day Infographic

It’s evident from the survey that there is a very even split between those who are happy with the current state of clinical research and those who aren’t. That number seems to edge a bit higher for those who don’t work with patients daily.

Based on the comments, it would appear that those who work as part of the patient care team are more optimistic, primarily because they see the difference that research is making in their patients’ lives. Conversely, those perhaps on the administrative side of research, focus more on inefficiencies and nuances to the actual management of the study, leading to more negative views of the industry as a whole.

On May 20th, the world celebrates International Clinical Trials Day–a day devoted to raising awareness of the importance of clinical trials. The challenges of clinical research are not limited by country or demographic. Whether increasing patient participation or improving operational inefficiencies, the ultimate goal is still to get life-saving and life-altering drugs to market faster and safer. International Clinical Trials Day is just one way to bring more attention to clinical trials.

Forte would like to thank and recognize all those who have participated in a clinical trial – either as a patient or on the team administering the trial. Your contributions are greatly appreciated!

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