The State of Today’s Clinical Research Industry

April Schultz
May 18th, 2017

Over the past several years, the clinical research industry has continued to grow in size and complexity. The emergence of new technologies and advancements in care and treatments have increased both the efficiency and difficulty of clinical trial operations in today’s research landscape. With these advancements come new challenges, practices and concerns about the current and future state of clinical research.

To explore the influence of these challenges on common practices, Forte conducted a survey in June 2017 to learn more about the current state of the clinical research industry. Over 900 people from around the country participated in the survey and provided their thoughts on industry pain points, the influence of technology on trial operations, the outlook of current trends in research, and more. Take a look at the infographic below to find out what our survey participants think about the current state of clinical research.


Based on survey results, it’s evident there is still a need to find advanced solutions to problems faced during the clinical trial process. However, the use of technology and performance metrics to enhance clinical trial operations has become increasingly standard practice. These practices have the potential to aid the industry’s understanding of research operations as a whole and lead to greater solutions and efficiencies in the years to come.

As we celebrate International Clinical Trials Day on Friday, May 19, it’s important to remember how far the research industry has come and the great potential for further improvement and growth. We’d like to thank all of our survey participants, and the clinical research community as a whole, for their time and dedication to finding and developing new treatments for patients.

Want more results?

In an effort to provide even more insight into our survey results, Forte published the State of the Clinical Research Industry Report. This free report includes a deeper dive into our survey findings and identifies potential solutions to common industry challenges. Download your copy today.


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  1. do you anticipate adding technology that allows for modeling or statistical analysis of the data collected? I am not aware of reports of these kinds being available on the data I enter. It would be an interesting benefit if that were available

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