How to Generate Staff Buy-In for Effort Tracking

Meghan Hosely
December 10th, 2019

Understanding distribution of staff effort and resources across your organization starts with effort tracking. By tracking your staff’s weekly efforts, it better equips your organization with information and data – helping you make operational decisions. As beneficial as effort tracking can be, it’s hard to motivate staff to complete tracking.

The infographic below provides insights into generating staff buy-in for tracking effort at sites. Take a look at the actionable steps your organization can take upon implementing effort tracking.

How to Generate Staff Buy-In for Effort Tracking

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Having an informed staff committed to effort tracking lays the groundwork to maximize your tracking process. So, how do you generate enthusiasm and motivate staff to accurately and consistently record their effort? Begin by using these strategies to cultivate buy-in from your staff.

Create Habits

Creating daily habits for recording effort helps to:

  • individualize and simplify the effort tracking process
  • reduce time recalling work
  • encourage staff to create a routine to assure reliability of the recorded data

Write a Guidebook

Write and implement a guidebook for staff to use:

  • including instructions on how to track effort in their clinical trial management system (CTMS)
  • setting expectations on what data they would enter and how often
  • ensuring reliable reporting

Train Staff

Providing training during onboarding, as well as follow-up training sessions to empower staff members to properly track effort helps:

  • reduce staff frustration
  • provide an open and accessible space for feedback
  • reveal your site’s dedication to successfully tracking effort

Involving Staff

Involving staff in planning discussions about how to implement organizational effort tracking will:

  • reduce process frustration
  • uncover recommendations to improve future effort tracking
  • encourage collaboration across all levels of your organization

Set a Champion

Identify one staff member as an “ET Champion,” who:

  • supervises across all departments
  • helps legitimize time tracking efforts
  • creates accountability for consistent reporting

Present Benefits

Effort tracking benefits that encourage staff buy-in include:

  • planning for future staffing needs
  • identifying where resource allocations can be made
  • effectively managing and relieving workloads

*This resource was created using information from “A Guide to OnCore Effort Tracking and Reporting” presented at the 2016 Fall Onsemble Conference by Jill Kuennen, Application Developer at Iowa Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center.

What challenges do you face when introducing new workflows into your site? Share your thoughts below.

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