Improve Data Quality Throughout the Clinical Trial Lifecycle

Ashley Toy
Product Marketing Manager, Forte
February 28th, 2019

Gathering high-quality, reliable and statistically sound data is the goal for every clinical trial; and the way data is collected and managed has an impact in every stage of the clinical trial process. Miscommunication and ambiguity in the data management process can lead to costly mistakes that waste staff time and resources, ultimately putting your organization and clinical trial at risk.

Effective data management is essential to ensuring accurate data collection, entry, reports and validation, and it’s critical to establish and maintain organization-wide standards for data management to ensure consistency across all individuals and teams throughout the trial lifecycle. This infographic shows how quality data practices can influence critical stages of the clinical trial process.


Data contributed in each stage of the clinical trial process impacts the clinical trial as a whole. By following good clinical data management practices at each stage, you’re improving the reliability of the data, the study itself, and ultimately the potential benefit to the community of patients.

Using an electronic data capture (EDC) software is one way to ensure higher data quality. Learn more by requesting a demo of Forte EDC for your organization.