The Rise of Electronic Data Capture

Ashley Toy
July 23rd, 2019

Clinical trials are a long, complex, and expensive process, and electronic data capture (EDC) offers many benefits to help solve some of those challenges. While adoption of this software was slow to take off, we’ve passed the tipping point and the majority of studies are using EDC. That number continues to grow as more are making the switch from paper to improve the overall efficiency of clinical trials.

To learn more about EDC, check out the infographic below.

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EDC Market Growth

In 2016 the EDC market was valued at $349.8 million1. By 2025, the EDC market is expected to reach $1.16 billion2.

eClinical Market Growth3

By 2022, the global eClinical solutions market is estimated to reach $7.61 billion. Additionally, a 12.4% global annual growth is expected between 2017 and 2022.

The Advantages Over Paper

Data Quality4:

Here’s a comparison of reasons for manual queries. These percentages are based on number of queries raised when using paper.

  • When using paper, 48% of queries raised were a result of missing data, whereas 0% occurred with EDC.
  • When using paper, 35% of queries raised were a result of inconsistent data, whereas 5% occurred with EDC.
  • When using paper, 9% of queries raised were a result of out-of-range data, whereas 0% occurred with EDC.
  • When using paper, 7% of queries raised were a result of requesting clarification, whereas 0% occurred with EDC.

Cost Savings5:

An EDC may bring between 49-62% of savings when compared to using paper.

Time Savings6:

When using an EDC, you could see an 86% reduction in queries, a 30% decline in study duration and a 43% decline in time to database stock.

EDC Evaluation Criteria7

Some of the criteria you should use to help evaluate EDC software include:

  • Functionality
  • Ease of use
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance
  • Ease of implementation
  • Training and support
  • Feature development
  • Cost
  • Vendor history
  • Technology integration


  6. Banik, N. “Evaluation of EDC versus Paper in a Multinational Asthma Trail,” Presented at the DIA European Data Management Meeting, Berlin, October 1998

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