What the Ideal Cloud-Based CTMS Training Session Should Look Like

Anne Gerke
Customer Success & Training Manager, Allegro CTMS, Forte Research Systems
April 13th, 2017

Finding a cloud-based clinical trial management system (CTMS) that fits the specific needs of your clinical research site is no small feat. The task of selecting a CTMS means ensuring the system you choose has the right technology to streamline your site operations. However, an effective training and support program is also an integral part of system success. Before purchasing a new CTMS, you should be confident your site staff will have the necessary tools to learn the system and integrate it into current workflows.

At Forte, we try to get our Allegro customers up and running in their new system as quickly as possible. After many training sessions with hundreds of customers, we’ve found there are common aspects of a successful session that help accelerate timelines and ensure sites are adequately trained on ways to gain the most benefit from their new CTMS.

Set clear expectations upfront

Before entering your first training session, there are multiple factors you can discuss with your site staff that may better prepare you for success. Consider the following steps to help speed up the training process and ensure you’re getting what you need from each session:

Establish clear goals and objectives

What are you really looking for out of your new system? Identify how you and your staff see the CTMS fitting into current workflows, who the key system users will be, and what your ideal implementation timeline looks like. Helpful questions could include:

  • What do we want to accomplish with our CTMS?
  • How soon do we want to be using the system? (When is our anticipated go-live date?)
  • Should we adopt the CTMS’s entire swath of functionality up-front?
  • Would it be better to tier our implementation and add system functionality in segments?
  • What does our preferred training schedule look like?

Designate an internal champion

The CTMS champion is responsible for project managing the training process to ensure all stakeholders successfully complete training. This individual acts as the point person for all internal questions regarding the new system and has a direct line of communication with your vendor. Designating someone to this position helps both your staff and the vendor communicate more effectively.

What to expect from your CTMS partner

Being prepared to talk with your CTMS training team about the above topics can help you gain greater benefit from initial training sessions. However, there are components you should expect your vendor to provide to help guide you in the learning process. At Forte, we ensure our Allegro users walk away from our training sessions with these key takeaways:

Training plan specific to trainees’ roles and responsibilities

Once your vendor is aware of the staff members that will be using the system and how you envision your implementation timeline unfolding, they can help develop a training program that will teach each person the system functionalities necessary for their role and responsibilities.

A mix of training media to fit each participant’s unique learning style

Not everyone learns the same way. Your vendor should provide a variety of training materials that accommodate multiple learning styles. At Forte, we offer live web-based training, recorded webinars, demo videos, written instructions and more to help our customers get the most out of their training.

A plan to ensure ongoing success

Even after your current site staff are up-to-speed and effectively using your CTMS, it’s important to have a plan to ensure successful training for new employees. We help our customers develop a strategy to train incoming staff on the system functionalities they’ll need to be successful in their new position.

When searching for a CTMS, ensure the system you choose includes the training and support your staff needs to successfully learn and adopt the new technology. To learn more about successful CTMS training methods, download our free case study and see how Pulmonix coupled Forte’s training resources with site-specific, role-based training to more quickly realize the benefits of Allegro CTMS.

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