How to Attract Sponsors and CROs: 9 Resources for Sites

April Schultz
July 7th, 2015

In today’s competitive clinical trials landscape, it may seem nearly impossible for many sites to stand out to sponsors/CROs. The idea of creating and providing the most appropriate (and reusable) promotional material can be daunting. Though it seems difficult now, you’re not alone. Help is here.

Growing your study pipeline and gaining sponsor/CRO attention is all about marketing your strengths and creating a good business development plan. Highlighted below are nine educational resources to inform sites how to better develop a presence in the industry, as well as how to foster strong relationships with sponsors/CROs once this presence is achieved.

1. [Article] How to Find Studies in Today’s Competitive Market

Improving your business development strategy is all about knowing the right time, place and content to best promote your clinical trial site. This article discusses these key factors and how their development can aid your site in finding new studies.

2. [Article] Business Development Tactics for Clinical Research Sites

Chris Hoyle, Executive Director at Elite Research Network, discusses the importance of dedicating time to business development at clinical research sites and shares five tactics to strengthen this development and enable site growth.

3. [Webinar] Build Your Study Pipeline: Tools to Help You Succeed

Using industry survey findings, Chris Hoyle provides a more detailed insight on where sponsors/CROs are going to find research sites and how sites can optimize their presence in these areas by promoting experience, utilizing metrics and more.

4. [Article] Standard Site Profiles—Site Empowerment Q&A

Beth Harper, President of Clinical Performance Partners, provides advice for sites on how they can respond to requests from sponsors and CROs while avoiding redundant effort. She explains the convenience of standard site profiles and expresses her hopes for industry initiatives supporting more efficient processes.

5. [Article] Beginner’s Guide to Clinical Trial Performance Metrics

This article provides the basic information you need to help determine which operational metrics your site should be tracking and how to use the information gained to improve internal processes and share your site’s strengths with sponsors/CROs.

6. [Article] Get Selected – Tips for Growing Your Site’s Study Pipeline

This article picks the brains of industry experts for advice on how you can get your site selected for more clinical trials. Learn more about the basics of promoting recruitment success, educating your prospects and tracking your metrics.

7. [eBook] Site Success: 10 Ways to Grow Your Site’s Study Pipeline

This eBook dives deeper into the logistics of how to develop a bigger and stronger study pipeline and provides thorough advice on ways you can make your site become more reputable in the eyes of sponsors/CROs.

8. [Article] Develop a Digital Presence to Get Selected for More Studies

Digital media is often presented as a means of recruiting patients, but this article explains the ways a digital presence can also attract sponsors/CROs. Learn how dividing digital efforts between your website and your social media outlets could prove more effective, and what sponsors/CROs are looking for in each.

9. [Article] Site Empowerment: Setting Your Site Up for Success

This article recaps the Forte Forum’s successful Site Empowerment workshop which involved discussions on reverse feasibility questionnaires, standard site profiles and more. Workshop participants discussed their common thoughts on which reverse feasibility questions drive acceptance decisions and foster productive communication with CROs/sponsors.

Attracting sponsors and CROs and maintaining those relationships is crucial for sites that want to get selected for more studies. Using the resources above, such as developing a business development plan, tracking performance metrics, promoting your strengths, and keeping an up-to-date online presence will help your site get noticed by sponsors and CROs and stay top-of-mind to win more studies.

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