How the UW Carbone Cancer Center Improved Data Management Processes for the CCSG

Ashley Toy
January 4th, 2019

Renewing a Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) is a complex process, requiring a vast amount of collection, analysis, reporting and curation of research administration data. Oftentimes, these processes are manual and inefficient, resulting in wasted time and potential errors.

This is the story of how the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center (UWCCC) improved their data management and curation policies, which helped them to receive a unanimous “Outstanding” rating on their recent CCSG renewal.

The experience at UW Carbone Cancer Center

In previous CCSG renewals, UWCCC had to retrieve data from disjointed and sometimes conflicting spreadsheets managed by multiple people, without clear data curation policies. This made CCSG tasks like assembling and formatting data table 2 reports time-consuming and difficult to manage.

“We spent a significant amount of time just formatting these data tables,” said Meredith Luschen, Assistant Director of Finance and Strategic Planning. “Even if we had perfect data, which we never did, we spent a lot of time just putting it into the correct columns and rows. Do we add dollars here, or not? Do we add percentages here or not? It was kind of a nightmare.”

Improving data integrity with Forte’s Research Evaluation System (EVAL)

As a member of Forte’s customer community, UWCCC knew there was a better way to manage their grant application process. They chose EVAL to help them streamline their CCSG renewal.

Using data compiled in EVAL as one source of truth, Assistant Director of Informatics Vickie Martorelli said their processes have become smoother and more accurate.

“It decreased our curation time for both publications and grants and reduced uncertainty for a lot of this data,” Martorelli said.

The results

To see how UWCCC has used EVAL to streamline their CCSG administration processes and receive a unanimous “Outstanding” rating on their recent renewal, download the case study, “UW Carbone Cancer Center Improves CCSG Data Management Processes with EVAL”.