How Staff Augmentation Services Help Accelerate Project Timelines

Kevin Winarta
Staff Augmentation, Forte
February 25th, 2020

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Implementing clinical research software can be daunting to an organization of any size. While the benefits offered by a clinical trial management system (CTMS) or an eRegulatory system are exciting, reaping those benefits requires a lot of effort on the part of the research operational team.

Recently, when one of our customers wanted to implement OnCore and Forte eReg, they knew they didn’t have the staff resources to start the project right away. Rather than delaying their implementation while they hired permanent staff, they chose Staff Augmentation services to help jump start their project and start taking advantage of the benefits of enterprise software sooner.

As a member of the Staff Aug team, I was able to act as an OnCore and eReg Coordinator to help kick off the implementation. I brought three years of experience on the Product Support team and put my skills working with and implementing Forte solutions to work for this project.

During an implementation, there are a wide variety of decisions that need to be made related to configuration settings, task lists, organizational structures and more. Having seen how other customers made similar decisions, I was able to suggest solutions and help make decisions more efficiently to keep the project timeline on track, while also executing on those recommendations and building them out in the system.

By providing answers on how decisions might have downstream impacts, the team was able to focus on decision making while learning the system, rather than having to learn the system in order to make decisions.

When a customer goes through an implementation, they work with Forte’s expert Project Management Office (PMO) to get their system up and running. In my role, I was also able to serve as a liaison between the customer team and the PMO team to give insight from the organization’s perspective and help the implementation go smoothly.

One of the most important parts of a Staff Aug engagement is not only facilitating the project at hand, but also setting our customers up for success in the future. While our customer worked on hiring permanent staff resources, I was able to build a solid foundation for the incoming OnCore and eReg Coordinators. I tracked all of the work I was doing as the acting coordinator so the new coordinators could reference it as needed. After the new coordinators were brought on board, I was able to serve as a mentor to help get them up to speed quickly.

The Staff Augmentation team can help remove barriers to a customer’s success by collaborating on a wide range of projects in a number of different roles. If your institution is putting projects on hold due to lack of staff resources, reach out to us and see if Staff Aug can help you reach your organizational goals faster.

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