Helping You Unleash Your Research Potential

Shree Kalluri
September 21st, 2017

It’s our 24th Onsemble Conference, and I’m so excited to welcome all of our customers to our hometown of Madison, Wisconsin. We’re gathered at the Monona Terrace Conference Center to learn from each other, network, and of course, have a little fun.  

Celebrating the Community

One of the most important facets of being a Forte customer is the Onsemble Community – we hear it from you every year. The value you experience by collaborating and networking with your research peers is priceless, and allows you to move research forward through new efficiencies and shared best practices.

That’s why we were thrilled to announce the inaugural Onsemble Rock Star Awards. Nominated and voted by their peers, the winner and finalists of the 2017 Fall Onsemble Rock Star award embody the collaborative spirit of Forte, through their willingness to answer questions, share best practices and foster discussions across many organizations. 

  • First place: April Firstencel from The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Second place: Inez Mattke from the University of Iowa Comprehensive Cancer Center
  • Third place: Josh Fehrmann from the University of Minnesota
Rock Star Award Onsemble
From left to right: Carrie Nemke, Forte; April Firstencel, The Case Comprehensive Cancer Center; Inez Mattke, University of Iowa Comprehensive Cancer Center; Ashley Strand University of Minnesota (representing Josh Fehrmann); Shree Kalluri, Forte

We’re also excited to announce this fall’s winners of the Award for Excellence in Clinical Research Operations. We celebrate two institutions at each Onsemble for top performance and for most improved, based on their benchmarking data from Forte’s Site Benchmarks analytics platform.

  • Top Performance: Atrium Health
  • Most Improved: West Virginia University
top benchmark awards Onsemble
From left to right: Laura Hilty, Forte; Leah Campbell, Atrium Health; Shree Kalluri, Forte; Anne Schnatterly, WVU Cancer Institute

Progress & Plans

In our quest to help our customers unleash their research potential, we’re excited to announce several new updates.

We have been the OnCore people, and will always be the OnCore people. We’re excited to bring new updates to our enterprise clinical research management system, including new financials enhancements, and to offer customers our feature voting board, where institutions can provide input on enhancements and vote on their top priorities to help influence the roadmap.

One question we ask ourselves regularly is, ‘how can we make the data going into OnCore more valuable?’ Our business intelligence platform Insights displays visual dashboards of data surfacing the right data to help you make informed operational decisions. We’re excited to launch Principal Investigator dashboards that will provide key data for PIs to know the status of their protocols and work with leadership to make the right decisions.

For our Research Evaluation System (EVAL), we’ve launched updates based on the NCI guidelines that were announced earlier this year. These Data Table 1 and 2 updates will enable institutions to easily meet the new guidelines and prepare for CCSG renewals.

And in August, we launched our brand new eReg software – providing customers with the ability to streamline regulatory management with our 21 CFR Part 11 compliant system.  In true Forte spirit, this system was built in collaboration with 17 of the leading research centers, so we’re confident that it meets the needs of our customers.

We recognize that in order to be successful and reach your highest potential, you need more than just technology. People and process are incredibly important for success. So after many requests from customers, we’re excited to announce new services. Now, beyond the technology, we are now helping our customers with process engineering, operations advisory services and staff augmentation. We’re also delivering outcome-based solutions to accelerate revenue management and helping with NCI and NIH annual reporting and grant submissions. 

We are also very excited to introduce our Customer Advisory Board. We’ve brought top leadership from institutions together to collaborate and identify emerging industry trends, share 3-5 year operational goals, and help influence the Forte roadmap. You can meet the Customer Advisory Board here.

As we look to planning for 2018, we are excited to continue to collaborate with our Onsemble Community to understand what will help you unleash your research potential.

Onwards and upwards!

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  1. Wow! Congrats to all at the conference, I wish I was there to celebrate and see all the new and exciting things happening at Forte, Nimblify, and all my colleagues institutions! Great work! Lisa Trebbi

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