Giving Tuesday: Helping Childhood Cancer Survivors After the Storm Has Passed

Shree Kalluri
November 29th, 2016

It’s no surprise that one of the larger scientific research areas is dedicated specifically to cancer research. Cancer is a pervasive disease – and unfortunately doesn’t discriminate when it comes to age. According to the National Cancer Institute, in 2014, an estimated 15,780 children ages 0 to 19 were diagnosed with cancer. So, when some children are worried about homework or their next play date, those diagnosed with cancer at young ages are faced with more profound challenges.

At Forte, we enable clinical research sites to conduct complex research efficiently with our technology solutions. We believe in standardization of the research landscape, as well as collaboration to collectively go farther and faster to bring treatments to market sooner. However, we recognize there’s much more to the cancer journey than just treatment and new therapies.

During treatment, awareness and support are ample from the community, hospital, family, and friends, but life in remission is less of a focus, and children still face many challenges as they work to build life after battling cancer. These kids have missed weeks if not months of school, their families’ life-savings are depleted, and they face long term effects like PTSD and the possibility of a relapse.

The Scholarships for Superheroes Fund was created specifically to help kids get back on their feet, and help their parents navigate the post-cancer challenges by providing scholarships to pediatric cancer survivors. This hits home for us, as one of our Forte family members, our VP of Operations, has a child that survived cancer. We are excited to announce that Forte Research Systems is partnering with The Scholarships for Superheroes Fund to bring awareness to the research community about the spectrum of challenges that child cancer survivors face, as well as to raise money for the fund.

“We are excited to partner with this new scholarship fund,” says Executive Director for the Badger Childhood Cancer Network, Susannah Peterson. “This is something that’s a part of our mission–to support the full cancer journey—so we are thrilled to bring this to the community.”

The Scholarships for Superheroes Fund will award a select number of cancer survivors a scholarship to help with college tuition. A committee will accept applications starting in January 2017 where applicants will post a video or essay on how their cancer experience has affected their future goals in life.

As we bring the community together to collaborate on improving research, we also want to bring the community together to support important initiatives like The Scholarship for Superheroes Fund. In the spirit of #GivingTuesday, consider donating today and help children and their families navigate life post-cancer.

Donate to The Scholarships for Superheroes Fund today.


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