Altogether Better: Fulfilling Our Mission at the 28th Onsemble Conference

Carrie Nemke
SVP, Customer Relationships & Marketing, Forte
September 18th, 2019

Earlier today, members of the Forte and Advarra leadership teams kicked off the 2019 Fall Onsemble Conference with our keynote presentation. As always, our focus was on how we’re working with the Onsemble Community to further our site-centric approach to transform clinical research. Nearly 200 members of the research community joined us, with attendees from academic medical centers, cancer centers, health systems and more. With dozens of roles represented from the coordinator level through executive leadership, this conference comprises an incredibly diverse audience across the clinical research operations spectrum.

Joining the Advarra Family

Pat Donnelly, CEO of Advarra and Shree Kalluri, CEO and Founder of Forte present the keynote at the 2019 Fall Onsemble Conference. Photo by Shanna Wolf, S. Photography.

While this marks our 28th Onsemble Conference, it’s our first since joining Advarra. As you may have heard, Forte was recently acquired by Advarra, creating a combined company supporting nearly 100,000 protocol records and more than 3,200 research institutions throughout the industry. Advarra CEO Pat Donnelly joined Forte’s Founder, CEO and Chief Customer Officer Shree Kalluri during the keynote, highlighting the shared company values and future vision for Forte and Advarra.

For Forte customers, this newly combined company includes the same Customer Relationships, Product Support, Product Management and Project Management staff you’ve worked with for years. We’re also fully committed to investing in our collaborative Onsemble customer community and standards-based software development approach. Our Community will remain focused on academic medical centers, cancer centers and health systems.

In addition, we plan to create an interface between Forte technology and the Advarra Center for IRB Intelligence (CIRBI) Platform. We know many customers are already utilizing both Forte technology and Advarra services, and we look forward to providing you with new, more efficient workflows within these systems.

Advancing Forte’s Interconnected Ecosystem

For the clinical research industry, a valuable aspect of Forte joining Advarra will be the accelerated advancement of the Trial Data Exchange (TDX). We have collaborated with our customers over the past several years to build unprecedented tools to streamline the communication of critical clinical trial information. We can optimize the collection and communication of operational, regulatory and clinical data by standardizing this data, connecting site and sponsor stakeholders. This paves the way toward more efficient and successful clinical trials.

As part of Advarra, we are now able to leverage their unique relationships with sponsors and CROs. Our strength has been (and will continue to be) our close collaboration with research sites. By bringing sponsor/CRO stakeholders to the table, we can accelerate our progress towards making the TDX initiative a reality.

Enhancing the Onsemble Community

Carrie Nemke unveils the new Onsemble Community logo.
Carrie Nemke, Senior Vice President, Customer Relationships and Marketing of Forte unveils the new Onsemble Community logo. Photo by Shanna Wolf, S. Photography.

As mentioned, community is still at the forefront of what we do at Forte. During the keynote, I was thrilled to unveil a new site for our customers. has always been an integral part of the Forte customer experience, acting as a hub for customers looking to share files such as documentation and reports, join email groups and collaborations, access product learning portals and more. The new site retains many of the useful features of the previous site, while streamlining the experience for customers and allowing easier access to valuable resources provided by both Forte and the community.

Moving forward together

At Forte, we’re incredibly excited for what lies ahead in the next few months and beyond. Joining Advarra is a key step toward aligning industry stakeholders, our customers and the clinical research industry as a whole to create a highly efficient and integrated clinical research ecosystem. As we move forward, we will make it a priority to build on what makes Forte special: fostering our amazing Onsemble Community; building innovative, site-centric technology solutions and collaborating with our customers to move clinical research forward.

As we kick off our 28th Onsemble Conference, we look forward to working with you now and in the future to make your research altogether better.

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