Forte’s Top 10 Clinical Research Resources of 2019

Meghan Hosely
December 17th, 2019

As the end of 2019 draws near, we at Forte like to look back at the educational content we have produced for the research community. We strive to create meaningful and relevant content to arm our community with the knowledge they need to perform the best research possible.

Check out our top 10 resources from 2019:

Infographic: Patient Recruitment and Enrollment in Clinical Trials

Patient recruitment continues to be a challenge, and many sites fail to meet enrollment goals. This infographic provides helpful information such as reasons for participation, perceived risks of participating and common enrollment challenges.

Worksheet: Action Plan for Recruiting Participants

There are many media to advertise for patient recruitment, and it can be hard to tell which medium will be most effective. Our worksheet helps assess different advertising mediums, and teams can come up with their own action plan for recruiting participants.

Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Basics for Clinical Research

Taking courses with CEUs are a great way to stay up-to-date in the clinical research industry. This article explains what CEUs are, how to obtain them and who provides official CEUs for research professionals.

Roles in Clinical Research: The Core Study Team

New to the clinical research industry? There are many different roles that work together to make trials run smoothly, ultimately leading a drug to market. This article discusses the key roles that help make clinical research happen.

3 Essential Elements of Change Management Within Clinical Research Operations

In clinical research, change is inevitable. Organizations must be willing to evolve and plan for continual improvements. People, process and technology lay the framework for effective change management across an organization.

Worksheet: Audit Readiness

Being notified of an upcoming Food and Drug Administration (FDA) audit can induce stress on an organization, but there are ways to prepare. This worksheet provides a framework for audit readiness at your site, helping your staff feel confident and comfortable for the day of the audit.

Breaking Down the CCSG: An Overview of the Cancer Center Support Grant

The Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) is a complex and confusing grant to fully understand. This article breaks down the definition, essential characteristics and major components of a CCSG, giving you a baseline understanding of the grant.

Overcome These 5 Common Clinical Trial Challenges Using a CTMS

With clinical trials becoming more and more complex, it’s more important than ever for research staff to use their Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) to its full extent. Some of the common challenges research staff face in clinical research are addressed when using a CTMS.

6 Must-Read Articles on Payments to Research Participants

Paying clinical trial volunteers allows patients the ability to participate in clinical research without suffering financial hardship. Read these six articles to help you understand the present-day payment landscape.

How to Build a Successful and Sustainable Coverage Analysis Team

Conducting a Medicare Coverage Analysis is one of the most challenging aspects of a clinical trial, and it’s important to build a coverage analysis team that’s compliant, consistent and sustainable. This article highlights key aspects from the educational webinar “Steps to Enhance Clinical Trial Financial Management at your Research Institution.”

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