Forte Ranks 3rd Best Place to Work in Madison, WI

Shree Kalluri
September 27th, 2017

It’s an exciting time in Forte’s 17-year history as a clinical research solutions company. We are proud to announce that Forte ranked third of the top 10 largest companies in Madison Magazine’s Best Places to Work in Madison, WI.

Being named one of the Best Places to Work in Madison confirms what I’ve understood since founding Forte in 2000: if you bring together a group of people with a desire to make a difference, and provide them with a meaningful purpose, they’ll create great products and services to meet your customers’ needs. When you achieve this, your customers become lifelong friends and evangelists for your company, bringing sustainability, growth and the means to contribute to the broader community.

At Forte, our meaningful purpose is to help our customers unleash their research potential. We’re a team of talented people, fundamentally impacting the clinical research industry by enabling clinical research professionals to find new cures and give the best possible care to patients.

“Being a part of Forte allows each of us to extend the chain of medical and scientific research, enhancing the abilities of countless others to reach further than ever before, and improving the lives of more individuals than we could ever meet.” – Max Koch, Manager, Administration, Forte

At Forte, our culture reveals itself in everyday actions and decisions—it’s not what we say, or aspire to be—it’s what we truly believe in. Our core values are at the heart of all decisions we make as a company—starting with me, downwards. Our four core values are:

  • Collaborate: We work as a team with integrity, loyalty, trust and mutual respect to achieve superior results through open and honest two-way communication.
  • Pursue Excellence: We pursue excellence by continuously improving and innovating in everything we do.
  • Fulfill Commitments: We take personal responsibility for our actions and fulfill commitments to fellow team members, customers, investors and service partners.
  • Celebrate: We make our journey enjoyable by taking time to celebrate our successes along the way.

Our leading value, collaboration, is truly the foundation for life at Forte. We work together as a team and with our customers to create collaborative solutions that actually make a difference and address real challenges faced by our customers. It’s normal for our team members to seek out coworkers from different functional areas and work together to solve a problem or drive an initiative. We often host collaboration calls with our customers to be sure our solutions are meeting their needs.

This dedication to our values shows in team member responses to the Best Places to Work in Madison survey. With responses from 87% of our team members, we ranked high in:

Team dynamics:

97% of respondents said “the people I work with treat each other with respect” and 96% said “I know I can depend on the other members of my team.” Our team members are open to input and guidance from their coworkers and often collaborate in cross-functional groups to accomplish company goals. Every employee can freely ask questions, share ideas and support company goals and initiatives.

Forte Best Places to Work Team Dynamic

“At Forte, my coworkers are people that I truly love to spend time with and collaborate with. Not a day goes by without laughing with my coworkers; there is such a strong sense of team here.” – Gianna Childs di Franco, Senior QA Software Engineer, Forte

Individual needs:

98% of respondents said “our culture supports [their] health and wellbeing.” We believe employee loyalty starts with the organization being loyal to its employees. By providing a transparent and supportive environment, and opportunities for professional and personal growth of the individual, team members respond by living the values and mission of the organization.

Forte Best Places to Work Survey Individual Needs

Trust in Leadership:

Our leadership team is dedicated to helping all of our team members reach their full potential. Leadership works with me to communicate company initiatives, changes and milestones to the entire company throughout the year, and we celebrate our successes together as a team. Our hiring process for all employees, including leadership, ensures team members that will regularly interact with the person feel as though the interviewee is capable and a good fit for our culture.

Forte Best Places to Work Survey Leadership

Our team members also find real value in working with our customer community. At Forte, we put our customers at the center of everything we do, and we’re able to build quality relationships with individuals working at academic medical centers, cancer centers and health systems.

One of the biggest examples of our customer-centricity is the Onsemble Conference. Our biannual customer summit brings the community together to participate in dynamic workshops, individual sessions and collaborative conversations with peer organizations to find solutions for common industry challenges. Last week, our 2017 Fall Onsemble Conference brought together over 170 community members to our hometown: Madison, WI. As always, our customers spent the week having valuable conversations with both Forte team members and their peer organizations, and working together to find solutions to common industry challenges.

It’s very exciting to be ranked as one of the Best Places to Work in Madison, and we thank all of our team members for continuing to make Forte a fun and innovative company that’s making a difference in clinical research. 

Onwards and upwards,



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