How to Enable your Principal Investigators for Success

Anna Hrovat-Staedter
November 22nd, 2017

Across all research organizations, many stakeholders are involved in ensuring the success of a site’s clinical trial operations. To achieve an organization’s greatest potential, collaboration and communication between stakeholders is essential. However, a reportedly common disconnect between stakeholders often occurs between operational leadership and principal investigators (PIs). Responsible for research operations as a whole, site leadership are focused on the bottom line of each clinical trial, which is influenced by the costs of accrual, activation and staff effort. PIs are responsible for determining research projects, managing the resources involved, planning and delegating work and communicating with all involved with the trial. Yet the two can approach a trial with varying goals and motivations. 

When positive trial outcomes rely so heavily on collaboration between those allocating trial resources and those managing trial resources, what can leadership do to communicate and enable their PIs more effectively?

What you need to know as operational leadership

Operational leadership is responsible for the research site’s ability to excel with the allotted resources. This position involves overseeing and managing staff, budgets, grants, contracts, accrual, study activation and more. To improve your collaboration with PIs, you need the ability to assess the accrual progress of active studies for each PI at your site and view the activation progress of pending studies. With this data, you can confidently approach conversations with PIs and present data that shows where they may need to re-focus their efforts in order to help contribute to the site’s overall success. 

How to enable principal investigators

Not only are research metrics valuable to you as leadership, they can also help PIs identify areas to focus on and prioritize. By using tools that can pull universally valuable metrics, you can align your goals with analytics that benefit both leadership and investigators.

PIs are constantly making decisions that affect a trial, whether directly or through delegation. While leadership could communicate trial metrics to PIs, instead look to empower your investigators by providing a platform for investigators to access valuable analytics in real time, that will inform their next set of actions.

Forte Insights, a business intelligence solution that surfaces data from your clinical trial management system (CTMS) to enable informed decisions, provides dashboards specifically for PIs to better understand their accrual and activation progress.

By providing PIs with information about their accrual progress, screen fail rate, activation steps in progress, grants they have brought in and publications they’ve produced, you can empower PIs to strive toward improvements that benefit all stakeholders. Surfaced analytics, such as those listed above, help facilitate difficult conversations about which studies to open or close, where to direct staff resources and more. By extending these metrics beyond leadership eyes, you show trust in your staff and establish collaborative channels to achieve higher goals.

To learn more about dashboards designed specifically to enable PIs and their leadership, check out Forte Insights or download the Forte Insights Overview.

Download the Forte Insights Overview



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