CTMS Adoption: 4 Tips to Motivate Your End Users

April Schultz
February 25th, 2016

Purchasing a clinical trial management system (CTMS) is an exciting milestone. It likely took a lot of effort and it’s a key step towards increased process efficiency at your clinical research site. However, the potential of your new CTMS could be lost if your end users aren’t using the system effectively. User adoption is a pivotal part of the implementation process and can make or break the success of a CTMS at your site.

Use these four steps to generate excitement among your end users and increase the likelihood of a successful CTMS adoption.

1. Ask for their opinions

One of the best ways to increase enthusiasm from your end users is to give them a voice. Make it a point to ask their opinions and involve them during all steps of the CTMS adoption process, including pre-implementation.

2. Stay positive

When discussing a CTMS with your end users, be sure to emphasize how the system can make their jobs easier and your site more efficient. Maintaining this positive outlook will hopefully eliminate any potential hesitation about such a large change in their processes.

3. Show them the data

Present graphs and data reports pulled from your system to show your end users the product of their efforts. Doing so can provide a more concrete example of how the CTMS is helping your site succeed and reveal how your end users have contributed to that success.

4. Celebrate achievements

Make things fun by hosting small contests for end users to celebrate milestones throughout the adoption process. Recognize your end users’ positive efforts by giving out fun prizes and awards for those who reach designated goals.

You can learn more about how to motivate your end users, what to expect from your vendor, pre-implementation preparation and other implementation processes in our free eBook, “Implementing Your CTMS: Essential Steps to Get You Started.”

eBook: Implementing Your CTMS

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