Creative Ideas for Training and Supporting CTMS End Users

By April Schultz | Content Marketing Writer, Forte Research Systems
September 16th, 2016


Summary: Conference presenter, Michael Lee of Washington University in St. Louis, outlines alternative training methods for CTMS end users.

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When using a clinical trial management system (CTMS) for your enterprise research operations, training all end users on proper CTMS usage is an essential process that can make or break the success of your system. During the 2016 Fall Onsemble Conference, presenter Michael Lee of Washington University in St. Louis discussed creative initiatives his team has implemented to train and support end users of Forte’s OnCore Enterprise Research system.

As an OnCore Support Specialist responsible for supporting multi-organizational teams, Michael uses a variety of platforms to train end users in hopes of increasing retention during training exercises and to allow a flexible learning environment. While in-person training sessions are the primary training method at Washington University, Michael’s team also uses the following tools and methods to increase the efficacy of system training.

Work Instructions


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Washington University created work instruction documents to act as reference guides for end users during training exercises and system usage. The documents include workflows for navigating OnCore as well as information regarding required fields and necessary actions. The work instructions were created using Microsoft Visio and are regularly updated based on system updates and organizational needs. End users are also allowed to use these work instructions as a resource during in-person training sessions and mandatory post-session quizzes.

How-To Tutorial Videos

In an attempt to provide alternative training to end users who can’t attend in-person training, Michael’s team created a number of tutorial videos that were made easily accessible on the Washington University Support website. These videos are limited to a 10 minute run time and are often based on the work instruction documents mentioned above. Similar to in-person training sessions, end users are required to complete a role-specific quiz upon completion of the video.

Support Newsletter

To promote continued learning following end user training, Michael’s support team maintains a newsletter dedicated to OnCore support and training topics. The “OnCore @ WashU” newsletter is published bi-weekly and includes information on top support questions as well as announcements regarding OnCore updates and training sessions. Each newsletter is first sent to end users via email, allowing the support team to track the number of individuals who open the newsletter and engage with the content. After about a week, the newsletter is posted to the Washington University Support website for increased visibility.

Washington University’s creative means of training end users has proven helpful as they continue to expand their organizational use of OnCore. Following system go-live on October 27, 2015, Washington University has trained 608 users and currently hosts a total of 1104 fully trained end users.

Learn More

During our upcoming webinar “How to Boost Your End-User Software Training and Support,” Mike Lee of the Siteman Cancer Center at University of Washington in Saint Louis will discuss strategies for building a successful training program for enterprise software solutions. Click the link below to register today.


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