Conducting Clinical Research Billing Audits

Dawn Burke
October 21st, 2013

In August, Forte hosted a webinar titled, “How to Conduct a Clinical Research Billing Audit,” which was presented by Ryan Meade and Julie Colasacco from Aegis Compliance & Ethics Center, LLP.  The presentation highlighted necessary documents and materials needed for auditing, as well as some common challenges sites face and ways to overcome them. Presented from a compliance and internal audit perspective, the webinar provided a solid base for understanding the importance of conducting clinical research billing audits, which are very different from other billing compliance audits.

Ignoring clinical research billing rules can lead to increased risks of mistakenly billing for the following:

  • Services that are already paid by the sponsor, or double billing
  • Services promised free in the informed consent
  • Services that are for research-purposes only
  • Services that are part of a non-qualifying clinical trial

Conducting frequent audits can reduce or eliminate these risks and ensure the financial compliance and success of your clinical trials.

If you missed Part 1, or would like to review it, a recorded video can be viewed on-demand.

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