The Value of Collaboratively-Developed Analytics in Clinical Research

Kristina Lopienski
September 28th, 2017

The clinical research industry has been called to become more transparent in many ways. While there has been some progress in recent years, there is still a great need to move information out of silos and to share knowledge. The greatest way to do this is by collaborating.

Collaboration spurs innovation by bringing together people who have different ideas, approaches, experiences, and areas of expertise to generate new concepts and methods. Sharing can also yield new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Successful collaboration can lead to ground-breaking tools and processes for improving standards and advancing clinical research operations industry-wide. Here we explore the power of technology-enabled customer communities in analytics, and how collaboration across institutions is necessary to make meaningful improvements.

Learn from different institutions

By attending regular meetings with the larger community, customers from different organizations can participate in discussions on intended use cases and engage in conversations with their peers. The type of information institutions want to gain overlaps significantly, but each institution has their own unique experiences. The opportunity to see how other people are thinking about industry solutions—new ways of showing data, the metrics they report on and ideas they have to solve operational issues–ultimately provides people with new strategies they can take back to their institutions. Sharing this type of information can address challenges for many organizations struggling with the same issues.

Help shape how the tool evolves

The best way to ensure a tool will be helpful is by continuously asking for input from the customer community. Customers should have a say in what goes into the tool, including the timing and prioritization of the most important reports to be added. Sharing insights allows ideas to be refined and improved. Collaboration can keep everyone engaged and up-to-date with what’s new and what’s coming next. When customers have a say in what they want, they can talk about it with other customers and the tool evolves differently–to the needs of the community.

Gain insights more powerful than what one institution could uncover on its own

Collaborative development produces unprecedented value, as institutions are not just receiving the reports they haven’t had a chance to create on their own, but they are buying into the whole of what others are doing. Value is derived from the community, producing combined insights across institutions that are greater than what one institution would come up with on its own. The collective contributions allow the community to leverage one another’s strategies and ideas to improve in ways they never would have been able to before.

Sharing knowledge can move the industry forward. Rather than keep information in silos, institutions can collaborate to generate innovative approaches and metrics to ultimately improve clinical research.

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