Clinical Research & Technology Competency – Where Do We Stand? 

Dr. Wendy Tate
Director, Research Operations, Forte
January 16th, 2019

As technology is having an increasingly greater impact on the conduct of clinical research, professionals must learn and manage multiple new systems, tools and technologies requiring broader, more sophisticated skills and competencies.  

 ACRP has worked to define competencies for the clinical research workforce and technology is encompassed in one of those competencies. However, there’s currently no organized evidence on what features, training, documentation and organizational infrastructure assist a person in achieving competency in the use of clinical research technologies.  

 As a leader in providing tools to improve clinical research performance, Forte is interested in obtaining a deeper understanding of the aspects that contribute to an individual’s mastery of clinical research technology. So, we teamed up with ACRP to understand how we can make a difference.  
With that, Forte and ACRP are excited to jointly launch the 2019 Technology Competency Survey, and we need your help to gain insight on how technology is impacting clinical research.
To our knowledge, this is the first survey of its kind. With this survey data, we hope to gain a greater understanding of technology competency in clinical research and create solutions that empower staff and streamline operations.  
The survey has ended. To learn more about the results, download our Technology Competency in Clinical Research report.


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