Preview: Forte’s Pre-Conference Workshop at CCAF 2020

Carrie Nemke
SVP, Customer Relationships & Marketing, Forte
February 18th, 2020

At Forte, one of the best parts of our jobs is getting the chance to meet with the clinical research community face to face, work collaboratively to solve problems and celebrate the successes we’ve had together. The annual Cancer Center Administrator’s Forum (CCAF) meeting is one such opportunity to connect that we look forward to each year.

This year’s CCAF conference is hosted by the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center in San Francisco, CA. Forte is a proud sponsor of the 2020 CCAF conference, and we will host our third pre-conference session, “Research Administration Technology Workshop”.

The workshop will explore how different cancer centers are approaching administrative challenges by leveraging technology solutions. The session will feature several cancer center administrators sharing their experiences using technology to manage processes for the cancer center support grant (CCSG) and beyond.

Additionally, attendees will work collaboratively and discuss how their centers are handling a variety of administrative hurdles, including grant and publication reporting, membership management, and community outreach and engagement.

One tool available to cancer center administrators looking to effectively manage data is Forte’s Research Evaluation System, EVAL. With EVAL, organizations can gather data to make meaningful connections between grants, investigators, publications and more. During the workshop, attendees will see how EVAL helps streamline their research administration processes and help demonstrate the return on investment of their research to the NCI, NIH and organizational leadership.

Gain insight into your grants, publications, investigators, services and more with our EVAL research evaluation system. EVAL helps your organization effectively demonstrate your research ROI to the NCI, NIH and to your organizational leadership.

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