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I Purchased My CTMS…Now What?

After you have made the decision to purchase a CTMS, consider these important factors for successful adoption.

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Free Online Courses for Learning Clinical Trial Basics

These classes provide opportunities to learn about clinical research fundamentals.

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Implementing a CTMS: 5 Tips for Success

When implementing a CTMS, it’s important to have a plan in place for how to roll out the system. Help develop that plan with these 5 tips.

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Tips for Hiring and Training Study Coordinators

A recent presentation at Site Solutions Summit discussed best practices for finding and retaining qualified clinical research coordinators.

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Training Staff on a CTMS: 7 Ways to Perfect a Session Wrap-up

Jill McKinley of Forte shares tips for promoting continuous learning among users and improving training techniques for the next session.

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Quick Tips for Training Staff on a CTMS

Advice on how to prepare and deliver effective training on a clinical trial management system.

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Recommended Reading for Clinical Research Professionals

Would you recommend these books or any others to your colleagues in clinical research? What about for patients who volunteer to participate trials?

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A Lesson in Change for Research Professionals

Human beings are constantly striving to make things better, but yet we are resistant to change. How does it affect the clinical research industry?

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CTMS User Adoption: Strategies for Success

Sites that obtain buy-in from their staff, develop a rollout plan, and integrate the system with daily workflows are most successful in CTMS adoption.

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