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10 Lessons Learned in Recruitment for Pediatric Trials

Ginger Steinhilber shares her experience in recruiting for and running pediatric trials, which requires a special approach and interaction with parents.

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Proven Strategies – How to Prepare for Protocols at Your Site [Q&A]

George Okoth shares recommendations and answers questions on what clinical research sites can proactively do to better prepare for upcoming protocols.

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Mutual Agreements Between Sites and Sponsors/CROs [Q&A]

Lisa Marsh answers questions about the proven techniques her site has implemented for mutual agreements between sites and sponsors/CROs.

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Site Empowerment Q&A with Beth Harper

Here’s the first round of answers to your questions that came in during our latest webinar on Site Empowerment, presented by Beth Harper.

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Study Management Empowerment Techniques

To conclude the series, Beth Harper shares techniques sites can employ during the study conduct phase to sustain productive sponsor/CRO relationships.

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Site Empowerment – Envisioning New and More Effective Ways to Work with Sponsors and CROs

This interactive webinar will take a deeper dive into the theory and practice of site empowerment and explore which techniques sites should be applying. Presented by Beth Harper, President of Clinical Performance Partners, Inc.

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What’s in a CTMS?

When looking for a CTMS, be sure to consider these key questions to ensure the system meets the needs and expectations of your research organization.

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Re-thinking the Patient Pre-screening Process

Beth Harper of Clinical Performance Partners explains how a more strategic approach to patient pre-screening can lead to greater efficiencies and improved protocol compliance.

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Playing Detective to Find Documents and More Signs You Need a CTMS

We’ve compiled some additional signs for study coordinators that a CTMS could streamline the workflow.

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3 Signs for CRCs that a CTMS Could Streamline Your Workflow

While the responsibilities of study coordinators can vary, there are some general signs that a CTMS could improve your workflow.

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