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4 Essential Skills for the Ideal Clinical Trial Project Manager

Learn how to find the right individual to manage your clinical research projects and improve the efficiency of your clinical trials.

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6 Ways Sponsors Can Improve Feasibility Questionnaires

Creating feasibility assessments can be as frustrating for sponsors as answering questionnaires is for sites. Here’s how sponsors can alleviate these frustrations, according to sites.

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5 Tips for Successful Project Management in Clinical Research

These tips can help you improve project management practices at your clinical research organization and reduce the risk of complications on clinical trials and other projects.

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Predicting Enrollment: 6 Tips for Sites to Estimate the Right Number

Navigate the difficulties of predicting clinical trial enrollment numbers with these six tips for more accurate enrollment estimates.

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Improving Site-Sponsor Relationships: Proactive Strategies for Transparent Clinical Trials

Eliminate miscommunication and improve site-sponsor relationships. Download your free eBook today.

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Holiday Tips for Avoiding Stress and Staying Focused on Your Research

To keep staff and trial participants happy during the holiday season, research sites need to be proactive.

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Top 4 Barriers to Patient Participation in Clinical Trials

Identify solutions to common barriers that inhibit patient participation in clinical trials.

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Improving the Clinical Research Industry’s Response to Epidemics

Conference presenters discuss methods for improving the clinical research industry’s response to global health concerns like Ebola and Zika.

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Steve Wozniak and Clinical Research: Encouraging Industry Innovation and Forward Thinking

An interview with Steve Wozniak at Biotech Week Boston acts as call-to-action for the clinical research industry to adopt change, embrace technology and increase patient focus.

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The Power of Choice: Participant Preference in Clinical Research Stipends

Giving patients a choice in the way they are reimbursed for clinical trial participation can improve their overall trial experience. Learn how to incorporate participant preference in your research stipend plan.

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