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Managing Multi-Center Trials in Clinical Research — Q&A (Part 1)

Representatives from the Harvard Cancer Center answer questions about conducting trials within its consortium, as well as with unaffiliated sites.

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Can I use my EMR as a CTMS?

Discover the limitations of utilizing an EMR in place of a CTMS for clinical research, and learn the key differences between the two systems.

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Many Clinical Trial Challenges Have Roots in Communication Gaps

Bringing sponsors, monitors, and site staff together, ACRP was the perfect opportunity to address some of the challenges encountered around communication.

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Onsemble Conference Provides Building Blocks for Clinical Research Operations

Brian Brake, Research Compliance Coordinator at IU and first-time attendee at the Onsemble 2013 Spring Conference, shares his experience.

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A Lesson in Change for Research Professionals

Human beings are constantly striving to make things better, but yet we are resistant to change. How does it affect the clinical research industry?

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Sanofi’s Zerhouni Advocates for Integrated Drug Development Model

Elias Zerhouni, MD of Sanofi, painted a picture of an integrated and innovative drug discovery process for attendees of BioForward’s event.

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Site Selection for Sponsored Trials: How You Can Rank at the Top

The Hoosier Oncology Group, a leading CRO, shares tips for setting your research institution apart from the rest and becoming a “go-to” site.

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CTMS and EMR Software: Why Integration is Necessary

It must be an industry priority to collaborate in order to integrate electronic health record systems with clinical trial management systems.

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Is Now the Right Time for a CTMS?

There may be a number of reasons you’re looking for a CTMS. Before you get too far along in the process, make sure that now is the right time.

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Reducing Turnover of Study Coordinators at Clinical Research Sites

In my experience as a Clinical Research Associate, I’ve observed the working patterns of CRCs, and I’m not surprised by the high attrition rate.

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