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An Easier Go-Live: 4 Questions to Ask Before Implementing Your CTMS

Discuss these questions with your CTMS vendor to speed up the implementation process and increase the effectiveness of your new system.

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Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Basics for Clinical Research

Professional development and education are required in a vast array of industries, including clinical research. Continuing education units (CEUs) are a great way to have a record of your ongoing educational accomplishments.

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Bringing Effective Change Management to Your Organization: The University of Michigan’s Story

In this webinar, Teri Grieb of the University of Michigan will discuss how, leaders, faculty and staff came together to redesign the organizational and operational model for clinical trials at U-M by taking a systems-based approach, and how you can use some of the same principles to enact meaningful change at your institution.

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Streamlining Clinical Research Billing at the 13th Annual ExL Billing and Research Compliance Conference

The ExL Billing and Research Compliance Conference provided a unique opportunity for clinical research professionals to learn and collaborate on key billing compliance topics, including the need for technology in the billing process.

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Getting the Most from Your Integrated Site Solutions

Integrated research systems can help streamline your operations, centralize workflows and reduce effort across your teams. But choosing your technology providers can have a big impact on long-term success at your organization.

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3 Essential Elements of Change Management Within Clinical Research Operations

The key to effective, productive change within a research institution lies at the nexus of people, process and technology. Learn how to make sure these three critical factors are equally balanced considerations of your change management efforts.

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Breaking Down the CCSG: An Overview of the Cancer Center Support Grant

This article is designed to help give you some background on the CCSG. It’s a good starting point if you’re just getting acquainted with the grant and its requirements.

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Optimizing Your Study Calendar Process to Keep Study Activation on Track

Protocol calendars drive a wide array of study-related activity for teams throughout your organization. To keep your study startup processes on track and ensure quality calendars, it’s important to optimize your calendar-building staff and your processes.

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Forming a Team to Support Enterprise Research System

Your institution invests significant resources in implementing new enterprise software. A fully-staffed core team is key to ensuring a return on that investment.

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[Q&A] Competency-Based Approaches to Staff Hiring, Management and Advancement – Part 2

Our expert webinar presenter answers attendee questions about clinical research performance evaluations, staff compensation, role-based competency guidelines and more.

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