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Project Management & Planning for Successful Clinical Trials

Follow these project management and planning basics while conducting clinical research at your site.

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What is coverage analysis in clinical research?

Billing compliance is crucial to success in clinical research, and coverage analysis helps ensure correct billing. Our latest infographic outlines the impact coverage analysis has on billing compliance, non-compliance, and vendor selection.

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How Staff Augmentation Services Helps Centralize Site Services

Recently, an Advarra/Forte customer utilized the Staff Augmentation Services to assist on a financials roll-out, including centralizing financial services.

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Vendor Qualification vs Requalification Audits: What’s the Difference?

When supporting vendor qualification and management programs, there are different audits to consider. This article defines the differences and how to identify vendors with potential risk for your program.

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Ensuring Quality in Risk-Based Monitoring and Data Protection

Protecting participant data is of the utmost importance in clinical research. This article breaks down risk-based monitoring, as well as other data protection terms falling underneath it.

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Fitting Your Needs: Pandemic-Proofing Protocols

The COVID-19 pandemic forced an era of research quickly adjusting to continue high-quality research. Most adaptions, however, have positioned research to be more patient centric, streamlined, and remote.

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7 Staff Augmentation Resources to Help Your Site Restart Research

With research activities gradually resuming, research teams may be challenged with conducting their trials effectively and efficiently. Here’s how Staff Augmentation can help.

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Improving Site-Sponsor Relationships Leads to Transparent Clinical Trials

The site-sponsor relationship is a multi-faceted one. The need for communication and understanding between the two is prevalent now more than ever.

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Patient Engagement and the IRB

The research community has increased patient and participant engagement, potentially impacting IRB review

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For Sponsors and Sites, the Research Restart Effort Begins with Communication

The global pandemic has changed the way we think about research. Sponsors should consider how the “new normal” will impact sites and current studies as they plan to re-start research.

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